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Enigma was created in 1993 and published four times a year in order to publish the findings and research notes of The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena.

Back issues of most editions are still available, but for Internet users, a selection of articles have been reproduced here.

All articles are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Enigma Publications or the original author.

The format is printed A5 size and all issues feature a chatty editorial and various editorial comments/news items not neccessarily listed in this index.

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Due to funding difficulties, Enigma was not published between autumn 2001 and the present time. However, I'm hoping to re-launch Enigma in the near future.

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Issue 24 (Spring 2004)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Dorchester 2004 - A brief synopsis of Paul's 2004 lecture at the Dorchester Conference, for those who couldn't attend in person.

Book Review: Crop Circles - A Pitkin Guide, by Lucy Pringle

Crop Circles - A poem by Mavis Vigay

Issue 23 (Winter 2003/2004 - Special issue)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

An analysis of the Chilbolton 'Arecibo' message formation - Paul Vigay examines the original message and the similarities between the formation discovered at Chilbolton.

An analysis of the Crabwood 'Alien face' formation - Paul Vigay discusses the Crabwood alien face and decodes the code within the disc.

Due to technical and funding difficulties there was a year break between issues 22 and 23.
We apologise for any inconvenience, but subscriptions will continue to run for four issues since the date you subscribed, so you won't miss any.

Issue 22 (Autumn 2000)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

2000 season Crop Circle Database - A data list of the 2000 season crop formations of the UK

Issue 21 (Summer 2000)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Field Reports from the 2000 Season

Formal Statement by Colin Andrews - Colin issues a statement concerning his latest research and conclusion that 80% of [1999 and 2000] crop circles are likely to be man-made.

80% Controversy, 20% Mystery - Paul Vigay considers the implications of Colins statement

Issue 20 (Winter 1999/2000)

A brief history of classic UFO cases - Paul Vigay takes a look at ten of the most famous UFO cases of modern times

Classic UFO Cases: - A look at the Cascade Mountains incident of 1947, regarded by most as the original UFO event - where pilot Kenneth Arnold first referred to UFOs as 'flying saucers'.

Area 51 - Strange markings spotted near Area 51

Deaths associated with Bill Clinton - There have been over 100 deaths associated with Bill Clinton.....

The Horror of Genetically Modified food. - by David Pinnegar

Weather Modification Patents - by Joe Burton

Full index to issues 1-20

Issue 19 (Summer 1999)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

1999 Crop Circle Database - A data list of the 1999 crop formations around the world

Obituary of Richard Andrews

Issue 18 (Spring 1999)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Eating our Words - by Diahann Krishna

UK 1999 Crop Circle Database - A data list of the 1999 crop formations of the UK

Crop Circle formations in the Czech Republic - Jan Cerny

Reflexology - An Introduction - by Cathy Smiles

Kosovo: The Real Truth? - by Barry Chamish

News Roundup - 1999 Bilderberg Meeting location, US Military UFO Cover-up foiled in Australia, Rockefeller Funds Crop Circle Research

Country File - Further comments, by Matthew Williams

Issue 17 (Summer 1998)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circles: What's it all coming to? - Paul Vigay summarises whats become of crop circle research during the past 10 years

BBC Country File: Scam or Conspiracy? - A review of the BBC's attempt at debunking the subject

Mysterious spraying - Is it a secret military operation?

Continued Bilderberg investigations - Proof that Tony Blair lied to Parliament

Parliamentary Memorandum - details about Kenneth Clarke and Tony Blair's attendance at the 1993 Bilderberg meeting

1998 Crop Circle Research - A roundup of the 1998 crop circle season

The Secret History of UFOs - A look at the history of UFO research since 1947 to the present day.

Photons in your local bar - by Lee Chin

The Hessdalen UFO Mystery - A report by Emma Ojanen

Issue 16 (Spring 1998)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

In-depth investigation into The Bilderberg Group - Paul Vigay investigates the origins and history of the Bilderberg Group

Bilderberg Attendees - A list of the 1998 Bilderberg Group Attendees.

Crop Formations and the Secrets of Deception - by Chad Deetken

News Roundup - Arthur C.Clarke on UFOs, UK Bishops put their faith in aliens, Chirps and Buzzing in the ears, UFOs detected by Raytheon, ET Phoning Home?, Fluoride in drinking water linked to bone cancer, Oldest astronimical monument found

Turning the Tide of World Events - An interview with David Icke by Joseph W.Duggan

UK 1998 Crop Circle Database - A listing of crop circles from the 1998 season

UFO Report - 24,000 mph UFO buzzes Britain

Issue 15 (Winter 1997)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

1997 Crop Circle Research report - An update on the research carried out during 1997

Poem - The Cold Within

News Roundup - News: New Evidence of Anti-Gravity, First Observation of Space-Time Distortion by Black Holes, Possible CIA indirect disclosure of UFO cover-up, Possible UFO crash in Texas, Wordwide Meditation planned for Jan 1998, Clinton exempts the government from "alleged" crimes at Area 51, 'Teleport' Reality?, Largest Henge Circle in Britain discovered

Things that go Bump in the Night - A report by John Vigay

UFO Sightings Roundup - (Reports from around the world)

UFO Control System and the New World Order - by Noah's Dove

ORTK UK - Start 1998 UFO Awareness Campaign

An Open Letter to Tony Blair P.M. - A letter to Tony Blair, asking him about UFO awareness and how much the government is covering up.

Issue 14 (Summer 1997)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

1997 Crop Circle update - A round up of the formations of 1997

Crop Circle Analysis - A detailed analysis of the 1997 'Tree of Life' crop formation which appeared near Barbury Castle.

Roswell Humour - The USAF issues press release about mistaking test dummies for alien bodies. Would you trust these guys to tell the time, let alone control the nuclear button??

Occam's Beard - How to defeat Occams Razor. Paul Vigay discusses the fatal flaws in sceptics arguments when they start muttering about Occams Razor.

Harmonic Resonance - From Science to Spirituality - Paul Vigay describes a theory he's been developing for the past five years.

H.A.A.R.P. - What is the real truth? We make an undercover investigation.

Issue 13 (Spring 1997)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Chupacabra - Chad Deetken investigates this Puerto-Rican mystery.

Hale Bopp update - Paul Vigay takes another look to see what's happened to Comet Hale Bopp since the last issue.

News Roundup - Nasa detects mysterious "Gamma-Ray bursts", UFO Sighting in Bombay, Life on Earth 400 million years older than scientists thought, Rare meteorite re-entry surprises scientists, March at Area 51 planned for 1998, Near mid-air collision with UFO, UFO sighting in South Africa, Missing NORAD satellite, UFO sighting over Falkirk, Solar Flare hits Earth, Possible Black Triangle crash in the UK, Possible Vatican/CIA link with Heaven's Gate Suicide Cult

Crop Circle Poem - "The Remnant" by Brett Anderson Barney.

Mars Quest - A look at the various probes and missions to Mars, together with a look at the recent asteroid rumoured to contain evidence of life.

Crop Circle Poem - by Denzil Fairbairn

Book Review - "Awakening to Zero Point - The Collective Initiation" by Gregg Braden

Issue 12 (Winter 1996/97)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Hale Bopp: Messenger of the New Millennium or Chunk of Rock? - Paul Vigay takes a look at the controversy surrounding the Hale Bopp comet.

Windmill Hill Crop Formation Survey - A detailed survey of the 1996 'Treble Julia Set' formation at Avebury Trusloe

Crop Circle hoaxing editorial comment - Paul Vigay utters some true words about the crop circle hoaxers and their misguided philosophy.

D-Notices - What are they? - An explanation and description of the infamous MOD D-Notices issued on the media to prevent them reporting things.

The Final Conspiracy - Adam Whaley describes what he thinks is the agenda behind crop circles and other events taking place in the world.

Crop Circle Poem - by Mark Bloomer

Update on the helicopter harassment at Alton Barnes - See issue 10 for more info. This follow up gives additional technical information on the helicopter.

Issue 11 (Autumn 1996)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

UFO Sighting - An account of a UFO sighting at West Overton, Wiltshire on 5th Aug 1996

Crop Circles: Losing Sight of the Goal! - Paul Vigay discusses where we've come with crop circle research to date, and where we're heading? Are we still on the right track, or are we getting diverted by disinformation and politics?

News Roundup - UFOs in South Africa, Man-Made Earthquakes, Hale-Bopp update, ET Vehicle on Earth's Moon, UFO Sighting near Winchester-UK, Buzz Aldrin's Encounter with Science Fiction, NASA & Anti-Gravity research, Avebury Conspiracy?

Crop Circle Update - A report from Ed Sherwood, of Millennium Research, on the 1996 Laguna Canyon formation.

The Olivers Castle Video - Paul Vigay Analyses the 'infamous' Olivers Castle Video Sequence.

Poem - The Circle-Makers

New Energy Devices - James Gregory examines some of the alternative energy devices available.

UFOs over Norfolk - Andy Rivett-Carnac and Andrew Stronach report on Norfolk UFO sightings.

Full index of issues 1-11 - A complete index to previous issues

Issue 10 (Summer 1996)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Cosmic Coincidence or a Message from the Circle-Makers - Paul Vigay investigates the link between the Longwood Warren crop formation of 1995 and the Hale Bopp comet.

Crop Circle Meanings - Understanding the Symbols. Part 3 of Steve Canada's thought-provoking article discusses a new theory on crop circles.

Military Harassment at Alton Barnes - A frightening account of military interest in crop circles.

Harmonic Research - Another look at my own research into music and harmonics, by Paul Vigay

Balls of Light, UFOs or ... Merkabas - An examination of 'light anomalies' in a Cambridgeshire crop formation.

Crop Circle update - An update of crop circle reports from the 1996 season.

Issue 9 (Spring 1996)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circle Meanings - Understanding the Symbols. Part 2 of Steve Canada's thought-provoking article discusses a new theory on crop circles.

El Chupacabras - Bob Buck investigates this 'Terror of Puerto Rico', and finds that there is more than meets the eye.

1996 Crop Circle Update - A roundup of the 1996 crop circle season.

Natural Sizes - An article by Ray Tomes.

Crop Circle Research Findings - A look at the 'missing Earth' formation which appeared at Longwood Warren in 1995. Analysing this formation from a mathematical and astronomical perspective taught me some interesting aspects of 3D trigonometry and computer analysis of crop formations. It also served as a valuable test-bed for some computer analysis software I've been developing. It also revealed some very fascinating 'coincidences'....

A Major Breakthrough in Crop Circle Research - The development of some powerful, custom designed computer software vastly improves the accuracy of crop circle analysis as well as cutting down the time spent surveying formations on the ground.

Issue 8 (Winter 1995/96)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circle FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the crop circle phenomenon.

Readers Letters - The Evils of Religion, Balls of Light

Bob Shell's Socorro Crash Report - A report on a UFO crash which occurred close to Roswell and events of the two incidents are often muddled up.

News Roundup - Signals from Aliens likely by the year 2000, Moonwalker believes in UFOs, UFO scare at Balmoral

Crop Circle Meanings - Understanding the Symbols. Part 1 of Steve Canada's thought-provoking article discusses a new theory on crop circles.

Crop Circle Anomalies - A report on the Telegraph Hill (Hampshire, UK) formation of 1995 and some associated anomalies and coincidences.

Issue 7 (Autumn 1995)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Roswell: What Next? - An investigation of the Roswell Autopsy film.

News - Various news snippets, including Free Energy at last?, New discovery at Avebury and UK man blasts into Space.

Where's all the love gone? - Andy 'No Stress' takes us on a personal tour of the increasingly 'political' crop circle scene, and wonders if some people have possibly missed the point?

Nuclear Madness - Helen Caldicott asks if modern science has lost its marbles?

Pat Buchanan speaks of the New World Order - Some shadowy 'elite' controlling the world sounds like the ramblings of a conspiracy fan. However, we need to be aware of the frightening truth, which is sometimes scarier than fiction....

Nazi UFO Research - We take a look at some of the interesting craft that German scientists were developing during and after World War II.

Issue 6 (Summer 1995)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Getting out of Jail - A very intriguing article by David Icke, on how we can start thinking for ourselves and step out of the 'hassle free zone'.

Obituary - Lord Clancarty, who died just prior to this issue being published.

Odds & Ends - A couple of miscellaneous snippets

The Earth after the Human Race has Ended - A poem by Mavis Vigay

Roswell Autopsy Film Report - George Wingfield casts a critical eye over the 'famous' Roswell Autopsy film that producer Ray Santilli discovered.

Timeline of the Roswell Event (part 2) - Our concluding look at the events and people surrounding the Roswell event.

Crop Circles: Is there a meaning? - A continuing look into the philosophy of the crop circle mystery.

Thomas Paine is still Wanted Dead or Alive in England - Michael Roll takes a brief look at the life of the Englishman, most 'Powers that be' would prefer never existed!

Apollo 11: The Missing Two Minutes - Is there any truth in this radio transmission that some amateurs detected whilst Apollo 11 was 'out of radio contact'?

Crop Circle update - A last look and update on the 1995 crop circle season.

Issue 5 (Spring 1995)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circle Research for 1995 - Paul outlines his research project for 1995 and provides the circuit of his 'gizmo'.

CSETI Fieldwork Report 1994 - A look at some of CSETI's field research carried out during the 1994 crop circle season, including an account of an ET encounter at Silbury Hill

Poem - by Mavis Vigay - Another poem by crop circle enthusiast Mavis Vigay

News Snippets - Our regular roundup of news and reports from around the world.

Archive UFO Report - 21st Jun 1947 - just before Roswell !

Timeline of the Roswell Event (part 1) - We take a detailed analysis of the times and events surrounding the Roswell event.

Issue 4 (Autumn 1994)

Editorial - Pauls regular editorial comment.

Crop Circles: The Mystery Continues - Paul Vigay summarises the events up to date.

1994 Crop Circle Surveys - Various detailed surveys of crop formations from the 1994 season

Book Review "Crop Circle Apocalypse" by John Macnish. - We take an impartial look at this book aimed at debunking the continued mystery of crop circles.

Video Review "Revelations - Communique II" by John Macnish. - We look at the video which saw John Macnish do a U-Turn from the acclaimed Communique I video.

Lights and Circles - A look at stone circles in the UK

Book review: "Round in Circles" by Jim Schnabel - Another look at crop circles, from a circlemakers perspective.

Roswell: The Evidence - We examine the evidence of the famed 'Roswell' UFO crash of 1947. What really happened?

Issue 3 (Summer 1994)

Hoaxing: The Final Chapter - Paul Vigay takes an investigative look at hoaxing and hoaxers.

Analysis - Further Research into the Bythorn Crop Formation

Day of Action - Report on the AAC/ORTK Day of Action in London, 23rd May 1993

Survival of Death - Why Randi banned the physicist Sam Nichols from British Television

UFO Sighting - Knapp Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 12th Jun 1994

Hauntings - Weird Happenings at Berry Pomeroy, Devon, UK

Crop Circle Research - More research notes from the 1994 season

Research Notes - Ongoing research notes

Issue 2 (Winter 1993/94)

Circular Dimensions (part 2) - Early theories into parallel dimensions

Poem - Crop Watching - A poem by Mavis Vigay (contains a 38K image)

Survival of Death - Character Assassination is the only defence

1993 Crop Circles - A roundup of the years surveys

UFO Sighting - Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 3rd July 1993

Dreams of The Afterlife - Sherley Gifford gives a personal account

UFO Sighting - Knapp Hill, Wiltshire, UK, 11th Jun 1993

Diary of a Croppie - Martin Noakes reports on the 1993 crop circle season.

Barbury Castle 1991 - A Hoax!! - An undercover investigation into this famous formation

Face on Mars - Paul Vigay investigates the enigmatic Cydonia region on Mars....

Issue 1 (Summer 1993)

Electro-Static Charge Indications -My early investigations into electronic anomalies

Film Review - Fire in the Sky (Cert.15)

UFO Sighting - An account of my own UFO sighting at Honey Street, Wiltshire in August 1992

Circular Dimensions (part 1) - Early theories into parallel dimensions

Hauntings - A Haunting in Warwick - An ghostly account by Mavis Vigay

Astral Projection - An introduction into this enigmatic subject

UFO Sighting - A sighting with photographic backup, which took place in Horndean, Hampshire in August 1991

The Afterlife - An Enigma subscriber gives a personal account

Premonitions - When you suddenly realise you've seen the future!

Survival of Death - The Physicists' Case for Survival After Death

Report Form - UFO Sighting form - To complete and return if you witness an unidenfied flying object

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