The Most Attractive Women in the World

So, what defines beauty? One of the age-old questions, and one probably impossible to answer, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Being a very fussy kind of guy, I've often been asked what I look for in a woman - again impossible to answer, because it relies on so many issues; looks, personality, attitude, philosophy, intellect and, above all, chemistry - that unknown quantity! (and possibly a list of criteria impossible to find in a single person!)

What follows is a selection of 'celebrities' that I find attractive, not least because of looks (I'm not entirely that shallow!) - they are all undeniably beautiful though - but also because of the characters they play. Perhaps it's that mix of sexiness with the 'girl next door' attitude? Perhaps it's the sense of adventure mixed with a bit of intrigue? Perhaps a sense of humour crossed with seriousness? Perhaps independence intertwined with need?

Anyway, see if you agree - if not, feel free to make your own recommendations.... :-)

I only just managed to find ten, after quite a bit of research (so perhaps I am that fussy!). Plus, I rest my case that I personally believe that makeup makes women look ugly! Check out some of the 'Hollywood Celeb' photos of the women listed and see if they look better or worse wearing makeup!!

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Joint 1) Evangeline Lilly - Kate Austin in the ABC series "Lost" [IMDb]

[image 1/kate/jpg]
[image 2/kate2/jpg]
[image 3/kate3/jpg]

Joint 1) Jewel Staite - Kaylee in the series "Firefly" [IMDb]

[image 4/kaylee1/jpg]
[image 5/kaylee2/jpg]

3) Liv Tyler - Arwen in "Lord of the Rings" [IMDb]

[image 6/liv1/jpg]
[image 7/liv2/jpg]

4) Mischa Barton - Actress [IMDb]

[image 8/mischabarton1/jpg]
[image 9/mischabarton2/jpg]

5) Katie Holmes - Actress [IMDb]

[image 10/katieholmes1/jpg]
[image 11/katieholmes2/jpg]
[image 12/katieholmes3/jpg]
[image 13/katieholmes4/jpg]

6) Aishwarya Rai - Actress [IMDb]

[image 14/aishwarya1/jpg]
[image 15/aishwarya2/jpg]
[image 16/aishwarya3/jpg]
[image 17/aishwarya4/jpg]

7) Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider" [IMDb]

[image 18/angelina1/jpg]
[image 19/angelina2/jpg]
[image 20/angelina3/jpg]

8) Jenny Agutter - Jessica in "Logans Run" [IMDb]

[image 21/agutter1/jpg]
[image 22/agutter2/jpg]
[image 23/agutter3/jpg]

9) Meg Ryan - Sally in "When Harry Met Sally" [IMDb]

[image 24/megryan1/jpg]
[image 25/megryan2/jpg]

10) Demi Moore [IMDb]

[image 26/demi1/jpg]
[image 27/demi2/jpg]
[image 28/demi3/jpg]

11) Ally Sheedy

[image 29/Ally/jpg]


N.B.The photos here don't necessarily sum up or reflect the personality and 'character' that I like, but they're the best I've found so far....

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