Paul's WebCam

Assuming my computer is turned on (and it's a respectable time of day*), there should be a new webcam image taken approximately every five minutes.

If I'm not around it probably means I'm either at work, making a cup of tea or in another room! I do have a life you know :-)

And keep an eye on that Flat Eric if I'm not around to supervise him....

There's no meta-refresh on this page so you'll have to click refresh on your browser if you want a new image.

Other interactive sections of my website are my Blog at and my discussion forum.

If you're asked for a password when viewing this page, you don't have permission to view my webcam. If you want a password and you've got a good enough reason, please email me.

* The webcam is currently live between 9am and 9pm

Southsea Weather

The photo below is from WebCam #2 and should show the current weather in Southsea

View of the sky in Southsea, looking south

Visit for the latest weather conditions in Southsea, Hampshire, UK

Technical details:

For those that are interested, the webcam software is Mac OS X ImageCaster, which is very configurable and much better than Windows solutions that I've seen.

It's running on an old iMac DV which I rescued from the local Freecycle list and provided a loving home to. :-)

Other interesting webcams....

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