Sony Ericsson P1i Smart Phone Notes

If you're looking for info on the P990i, click here

The P1i is essentially an upgrade to the popular P990i smartphone, but re-packaged in a smaller case, looking more like a slimline mobile phone. It has several technical enhancements over the older P990i, including:-

A full review of the P1i is online at

Latest firmware

The latest version of the firmware, as of 1st Aug 2007 is:-

Phone: CXC 162037 R9G007
Bluetooth: CXC 162143 R1C
Organizer: CXC 162108 R6D23
CDA: CDA 162024/55 R6A

The P1i runs UIQ 3.0 and has 128MB of memory (as opposed to 64MB on the P990i).

Hints and Tips

Links to other handy sites

Sony updates

Essential Utilities

Collections of Free Software

Useful Utilities

Magnus Nordlander has created a kext (kernal extension) that allows the P1 and P990 to mount on Apple Mac OS X via USB. [More]

You can download it directly from A mirror copy is available here, just in case Magnus' site is unavailable.

Ring Tones


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