Computer/I.T. Technical Support

I can offer a wide range of technical support services for computers and I.T. subjects. Having worked with computers since 1978, and in the comms/internet industry since 1986 I have a broad range of experience spanning a number of different computer platforms and operating systems.

Specializing in multi-platform compatibility, I am able to support RISC OS, Apple Mac, EPOC and Linux systems in addition to Windows. I can help with most aspects of networking, LAN and broadband issues, including networking various systems together.

I'm a firm believer in free speech, internet privacy and personal security. Therefore, I also offer support and advice on a range of computer security issues from wireless network security, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for secure email encryption to wider, more political, issues such as exposing the flaws and dangers of National ID cards and Chip 'n' Pin bank card systems.

I hope that most topics are covered by the articles in this section, but if you have ideas for more tutorials or help pages, please feel free to contact me.

I no longer provide support for ARMLinux. If you require help on this, please see Peter Naulls Linux Porting Project.

RISC OS and Acorn

I've been using RISC OS since 1987 when it was first developed by Acorn Computers. Previously I'd been using early versions of Mac OS or DOS on IBM PC type computers. Many of today's features that people take for granted came from RISC OS originally and it's still the worlds most efficient and flexible computer system - but a great pity that not many people seem to know about it. The best RISC OS based computers are currently produced by Iyonix Ltd.

Most of my RISC OS articles are now hosted at but I still have a good selection of RISC OS article links in my own RISC OS section at

I also maintain the Usenet comp.sys.acorn.* FAQ which is available online at and posted monthly to comp.sys.acorn.announce, comp.sys.acorn.misc and comp.answers,news.answers

Apple Mac

If you've not heard about RISC OS but you don't want to use the diabolically awful Microsoft Windows, then Mac OS is probably the platform to go for. It's not as good as RISC OS but infinitely better than Windows. I've been using Apple systems since the days of the Apple II.

My Apple Mac support is hosted at but it's currently a bit thin on the ground - because I spend most of my time using RISC OS.

Linux, Solaris & Irix

I have reasonably extensive Linux knowledge as well as knowledge of several different 'dialects' such as Unix, Irix and Solaris. When I get some time, I will put some more information on my Linux Support and Solaris sites.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if you would like help on these systems.


Windows is probably the worst operating system in the world, but because it's currently the most popular, I quite often get asked to help out when it regularly goes wrong or doesn't work in the way intelligent people would expect it to work.

I have a comprehensive Windows Support Section for technical help and conversely, pointing out reasons not to upgrade to Windows Vista.

Game Consoles

I guess these come under computers, although I don't really have much information available, but I have a few technical notes on the following pages:-

PDAs, Mobile Phones & Pocket PCs

Pocket Windows is nowhere near as good as EPOC or Symbian but unfortunately, at the moment, the machines seem to be a bit more powerful from a technical point of view. I've got a useful page for PocketPC owners along with an iPAQ FAQ.

The best smart phone currently available is the Nokia E90 and I have a page dedicated to it here.

EPOC/Symbian and Psion

Psion produced the worlds best PDA and pocket computers but unfortunately (again, primarily due to the evil of Microsoft), they are not as popular now as they once were.

However, I did write a number of Psion applications and I also occasionally update a Psion links page where you can find links to popular software (may be a bit out of date now!).

Training and Tuition

I'm trying to encourage more people to learn RISC OS programming, especially if it helps to enable people to write their own wimp based applications. To this end, I created The RISC OS Academy which people can enrol on for expert tuition.

I also run training courses on Web Design for Beginners, mainly because all of the 'web design' applications produce output that is, quite frankly, garbage.

Internet Help and Advice

I've been involved with the internet before it was even the internet, back in the days of viewdata terminals and BT 'Telecom Gold' email accounts. I can advise on all forms of internet query, from web design and email through to system administration and security. My speciality is full cross-platform awareness and interoperability.

There are a number of resource sections on this website, including Ant Support for the RISC OS Ant Internet Suite and for Voyager, the original Argonet internet suite.

For reference, I also have a comprehensive list of top level domain country codes for internet domains.

Computer/Network Security and Privacy

Being a strong believer and activist in online freedom and privacy, I have a comprehensive Security & Privacy section at but a few of the more popular links are given here:-

After getting seriously ticked off by repeated hack attempts on my various servers, I've decided to name and shame the culprits, so check my internet bandits page for details of rogue IP addreses.


My 'day job' involves doing freelance programming, linux system administration and first, second and third line technical support, so I have experience of most forms of networking and interfacing various computers to each other or to the internet or LANs. I specialise in networking RISC OS machines to other RISC OS machines or to a variety of different platforms.

For more information and technical help, please visit

General Support

Hardware and Sales

The company I work for sell a number of ADSL Routers and networking products, so if you want high quality and reliable network equipment, you know where to go :-)

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