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The RISC OS Academy is an initiative founded by Paul Vigay, which aims to not only provide expert tuition for beginners wanting to start programming and web design, but also hopes to encourage the use of RISC OS as a development platform.

Subscription is annual and entitles the student to access all the resources within the Academy web site, as well as contact Paul for email enquiries regarding any aspect of the courses available.

What's New
Help & Administration
FREE Courses

General info and conversion/refresher courses
1. What is RISC OS
2. Introduction to RISC OS
3. RISC OS for Windows users
4. RISC OS for Apple Mac OS users
5. Introduction to RISC OS as a development platform

Academy Subscriber Courses

BASIC & WIMP Programming
6. Beginners Introduction to BBC BASIC
7. Beginners Introduction to WIMP Programming
8. Intermediate BBC BASIC
9. Intermediate WIMP Programming

Introduction to HTML Web Design
10. Beginners Introduction to HTML Web Design
11. Intermediate level Web Design

Introduction to Internet Programming
12. Introduction to cgi programming using PERL

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