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I first became involved with Acorn when I bought one of their early BBC Computers in 1982. At the time, we'd been using Commodore Pets at school and the BBC was an order of magnitude more powerful, bringing colour graphics, sound and a powerful version of the BASIC programming language to home users for the first time.

I rapidly learnt BBC BASIC and 'how to drive' the machine, which was helped by the sheer flexibility of the system - BBC owners very rarely had the case screwed together, often delving into the innards with a soldering iron!

In 1987 Acorn released the worlds first RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) based desktop computer (much to the jealousy of Apple, who later claimed the same thing - only to retract it after Acorn threatened them with legal action). The Archimedes range of computers were based on the powerful ARM (Acorn Risc Machine) processor - which has subsequently become the worlds most prevalent processor, powering mobile phones, PDAs and computers to this day.

RISC OS powered computers are currently designed and built by Castle Technology who produce the fastest RISC OS computer available today - the Iyonix and Advantage Six who produce the worlds smallest RISC OS computer - the A9.

Being closely involved in the evolution of Acorn right from the beginning has enabled me to know the machine inside out, so I feel that I'm more than qualified to offer any kind of RISC OS or Acorn technical help and advice.

Most of my RISC OS articles are now hosted at but I still have a good selection of RISC OS article links on this site (see below).

Voyager Development/Support - Support and Development of Argonet's old internet suite.

I no longer provide support for ARMLinux. If you require help on this, please see Peter Naulls Linux Porting Project.

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