Voyager Development

Various bits 'n' bobs for the Argonet Voyager suite of internet software are available to download from his page.

If you're looking for Argonet, their ISP services are now being provided by Orpheus Internet Services.

Support Notes

Third-Party Support

New Transports

Some mailing lists are seriously broken - ie. SmartGroups, which means that they generate invalid reply-to addresses with which to subscribe/unsubscribe. This actually contravenes section of RFC 2821 which states that the maximum permissable 'local-part' of an email address is 64 characters.

However, as complaining to some of these American corporates is likely to be totally ignored (why on earth people still support them I've no idea....) I've reluctantly hacked SMTPSend to make it support these invalid addresses.

This new version of SMTPSend will remove the 64 character length restriction on outgoing email addresses and should allow subscription/unsubscription from mailing lists which generate long reply addresses.

New Versions of Posty

Voyager 2.08 [beta]

This is no longer available from this site, because it was designed for the old Argonet system and is incompatible with the new Orpheus ISP.

Orpheus Compatibility

Before you can connect to Orpheus Internet using Voyager, you need to run an 'upgrade/conversion' utility which is available from Orpheus. This is available on Orpheus' own support pages.


I am currently evaluating how easy it will be to convert Voyager to 32-bit operation. So far I already have the four transport mechanisms working. These are !NNTPFetch, !NNTPSend, !POP3Fetch and !SMTPSend. Watch this space for further updates!


WebLoad is no longer supported. Updating your website should be performed using FTP

Miscellaneous Stuff

Fresco Modules

These are now available on the Ant upgrades page.

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