Technical Support for the Ant Internet Suite

Argonet, who officially provided support on behalf of Ant Limited, ceased offering support for the Ant Suite on 30th November 2000. Rather than see the suite disappear into the mists of time (as I still believe it is the best/most flexible internet solution for RISC OS computers), I decided to take over support in a personal capacity.

Since I made that decision, RISCOS Limited have managed to take over sales and distribution of the suite from Ant Ltd themselves, in addition to obtaining the original source code.

RISCOS Ltd have renamed the suite the "RISC OS Internet Suite" and now bundle it free with RISC OS, under their RISC OS Select Scheme. Hopefully, having the majority of the source code will also allow future development, so it's not dead after all.

If you're looking for information/support for Argonet's old !Voyager suite, it has its own section at

What's New!

2nd Apr 2008 - Updated internet banking page as Egg no longer appears to work with O2.

Ant Suite Product Upgrades

Upgrades to InetSuite are available to existing customers only.
Click here to fetch the latest versions

ANT Internet Suite FAQ

A set of Frequently Asked Questions and answers about using the ANT Internet Suite release II is available from the Internet Suite FAQ.

Technical Documentation

Ant's original technical application notes are now available for the Internet Suite, including details of the URL broadcast system. These are primarily of interest to software developers.

If you're looking for Voyager information, please visit my Voyager pages.

Useful links to information on other sites.

 • Browsers with PNG Support - A useful comparison of which browsers support PNG graphics.

 • RFCs - Links to some useful internet RFCs ('Request For Comment' documents).

Popular Documents

The following is a short list of links to some of my more popular documents.

  · Acorn Internet: Specifications - Acorn's original specification documents.

  · Broadband - Using RISC OS computers on broadband connections.

  · Ant Broadband - Configuring InetSuite for Broadband.

  · Providers - How to write and edit InetSuite provider files.

  · Browsers - A comparison of web browsers.

  · Fresco Type 5 Errors - Causes and possible cures.

  · Internet Banking - Which banks work and which don't, using RISC OS browsers.

  · Filtering Emails - How to filter messages to different local users.

  · Telnetting into POP servers - A guide to Telnetting into a mail server.

  · Marcel Mailboxes - A guide to repairing corrupted mailboxes.

  · Marcel Message Editing - How to customise Marcel's message editing.

  · Purging News articles - How to make InetSuite more efficient.

  · Fresco Spec - Details on Fresco server communications and good web design.

  · Javascript variables - What the browser can detect about you.

  · Cookies - What are they, and are they dangerous?

Mailing Lists

Due to the volume of spam vs genuine messages to the Ant mailing lists, I took the decision to closedown the lists and replace them with an online discussion forum. There is a dedicated discussion area specially for the Ant Suite, its installation and use. The forum is located at so please sign up now, to keep up to date with all things Ant related.

A complete archive of InetChat mailing list messages, going back to 1996 is available from Liam Gretton's FTP server at Very many thanks to Liam for keeping this archive and allowing me to link to it.

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