Mysterious !Trace file appearing

If you suddenly notice that a file called !Trace has started appearing on your hard drive, do not panic. This is a temporary debugging file which is created as a by-product of the interaction between RISC OS 4 and !Voyager. It's perfectly harmless, if only a bit of a nuisance.

The cause of this file appearing is because some debugging code was left in the RISC OS 4 'Resolver' module which Voyager uses. Voyager issues an RMReinit command on this module when loading, which causes the module to be re-initialised, resulting in the !Trace file being created.

Note: This problem shouldn't occur with newer versions of the Resolver module, so you may want to check what version of RISC OS you're running, along with the version of !Voyager. If in doubt, please feel free to contact me.

Fixing the Problem

Open the !Voyager directory (by holding down SHIFT and double-clicking on !Voyager.

Inside here you will find a directory called Stack. Double-click on it, to open it.

Inside !Voyager.Stack you will find a file called Startup. You need to edit this in a text editor, so hold SHIFT down and double-click on it (if you don't hold SHIFT down, the computer will try running the file - which we don't want!).

It should now load into your default text editor. Scroll to the bottom of the file and locate the following line:

RMReinit Resolver

You need to change this line so that it reads:

Null:RMReinit Resolver

Save the file, either by pressing f3 and clicking OK or by attempting to close the editor window, and saving when requested to.

Close the editor window if still open. Then locate the sub-directory called Files, still inside the Stack directory. Double-click on it to open it.

Now locate the directory called PPP and double-click to open it.

You should now locate the file called ip-up and edit it (again, SHIFT-double-click on it).

About half way down (around line 310, depending upon version of !Voyager) you should find the following line:

310 SYS"XOS_CLI","RMReinit Resolver"

Change it, as above, so that it reads:

310 SYS"XOS_CLI","Null:RMReinit Resolver"

Now save the file as above and close any open windows.

You should now not see the mysterious !Trace files appearing in future when you load !Voyager.


Another solution to the problem is to ensure that you have all the latest Rom Patches installed. Again, this is not required with recent versions of RISC OS, but if you only have RISC OS 4.02, then you may wish to install ROMPatch 3

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