Using a Magic Xpress TAS400E ISDN adaptor

There are two things to check if you are encountering problems getting connected with Voyager via this ISDN adaptor. These are to ensure the dip switches on the TAS400E are set to the correct position, and to use a tested modem configuration file.

Firstly, if you have no other ISDN devices connected to the same line, you need to ensure that the terminator is enabled. To do this examine the rear of the TAS400E and you should see two small 'dip' switches (positioned between the serial port connector and the ISDN connector). Make sure that BOTH switches are in the ON position - ie. pointing DOWN

Modem configuration file

Firstly, quit Voyager if it is already loaded.
I have created an optimised modem configuration file for this modem, which can be downloaded here
You need to save this file as a plain text (ASCII) file inside the !Voyager.Resources.Modems directory. You will need to rename it so that it is called the next number in series to the files already there. ie. You should find a number of other files in that directory, called 0 through to something like 32, 33 etc. You need to ensure that any new modem configuration files follow numerically in sequence.
Once you've copied the TSA400E configuration file into !Voyager.Resources.Modems you can reload Voyager and select the new modem (which should appear at the bottom of the list) from the Preferences->Modem configuration menu.

You should find that Voyager should now successfully connect to ISDN.

For reference, the modem configuration reads as follows:-

Name	MagicXpress TAS400E
Init0 AT&F&C0
Init1 ATE1Q0V1B4S7=30
NullTme S30=#m
MxSpeed 115200

If you encounter any problems, please contact me

Using a Hayes ISDN TA

For reference, you should find the following modem configuration works:-

Name	Hayes ISDN
Init0 AT&F&C0
Init1 ATE1Q0V1B4S7=30S0=0
MxSpeed 115200

Thanks to Julian Coleman for supplying this information.

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