Enabling/Disabling Extra Email Addresses in Posty

Note: These instructions are only relevant if you still use Posty. If you use an alternative email client such as Pluto, Messenger or Marcel you can add/remove email addresses easily anyway.

A Brief History
Voyager was originally written for exclusive use on Argonet, so some of its functionality was limited to what was available at that time. One such feature was the ability to have multiple email addresses. These could only be enabled or disabled by an administrator at Argonet.

The way this worked was that you could request an extra email address and then Argonet would send a small control message specifically to your copy of Voyager. Next time you loaded Posty (the email client component of Voyager) it would interpret the control message and enable or disable the extra user automatically.

With the closure of Argonet in July 2005, Paul Vigay (formerly Argonet's technical support manager) created a new ISP called Orpheus but although Orpheus kept usage of the, users were allowed the additional flexibility of choosing email addresses at a selection of other domains. Also, the subsequent disappearance of the Argonet server meant that extra user enable/disable messages could no longer be sent out.

This posed two problems; Firstly, the original Posty didn't have any concept of different domains. This was because all original email addresses were - so it didn't need to worry about anything after the @. It simply appended to all user email addresses. This posed a problem for anyone with additional email addresses which weren't

Secondly, Posty users were unable to enable or disable users because there was no facility to send out control messages from Argonet's server.

The first problem is hopefully fixed in Posty versions from v1.40 onwards, which should manage multiple domains a bit better than previous versions.

You can download Posty from here.

The problem of enabling/disabling extra users can now be solved by a custom utility called VoyEmail (you can download v1.00 here [23K]).
This utility allows you to enter the email address you would like to enable or disable and then creates a dummy control email perporting to come from the old Argonet server. It then injects this email directly into Voyagers incoming mail queue so that when you next load Posty it will be fooled into thinking it's received the relevant control message from Argonet.

Disclaimer: Although ongoing Voyager developments are tested as much as possible, it's impossible to predict every combination of individual user setups, so all development software is downloaded and installed at your own risk. If in doubt, you should make a backup before you upgrade any part of your Voyager installation. No responsibility will be accepted for any loss of data or corruption to your program files.

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