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Fresco Background Font Blending

Sometimes new installations of Fresco refuse to display any text on the screen of Risc PCs. Graphics and colours appear ok but all the text is either invisible or 'stripy'.

What causes the problem?
The cause of this problem is a setting within Fresco's default choices, which enables 'Background font blending'. This provides the ability to give an enhanced screen display when coloured fonts are displayed on a coloured background on web pages. Unfortunately, this utilises an internal RISC OS facility which was only incorporated into RISC OS 3.7 and above. If you have an older version of RISC OS, it cannot blend font colours to the background, and will result in Fresco being unable to display any text (or rather it is, but it's displaying it in the same colour as the background and hance you can't see it!).

How to fix the problem
If you have my FresUtils application, you can simply select the 'Fresco->Font Blending' option from the menu. This will toggle the font blending on or off without the need for manually editing configuration files.

If you don't have FresUtils, the problem is still relatively easy to fix, simply by editing the choices file within Fresco. This particular option can't be changed from the standard Fresco choices window - mainly because it's a fairly specialised feature of Fresco and generally only needs to be set once and can then be left alone.

Simply follow the steps below in order to fix this particular problem:-

1. Quit Fresco if it is already loaded.

2. Locate Fresco on your hard disc. If using the Ant Suite it will be inside the 'Internet.Apps' directory. If using Argonet's Voyager, it will be inside !Voyager.Apps.Web

3. Once you've located !Fresco, hold the SHIFT key down on the keyboard and, whilst holding it down, double-click SELECT (the left mouse button) on the !Fresco icon. This will open the Fresco application as a directory, listing all the files inside it.

4. Locate the text file called Config (not the obey file called !Config) and double-click SELECT on it. This should load the file into your default text editor.

5. Scroll down to approximately line 38 and you should see two lines which read;

# Blend fonts to background display.blending: Yes

6. The first line (preceeded by a #) is merely a comment labelling the following line. Move the cursor/caret to the word Yes on the display.blending line and delete it. Now type No - so you're effectively changing the word Yes for the word No.

7. Save the file back to disc. The easiest method is to either press function key f3 and click OK or to attempt to close the text editor window, which will ask you if you want to save the file (because you've modified it).

8. You can now reload Fresco and you should find that text is displayed correctly.

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