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This page contains copies of various upgrades that Argonet provided free to Ant Suite owners. They are only of use if you already have a copy of the Ant Suite installed. There are also a few patches and updates that I have developed since I took over technical support of the Suite.

The latest version of the Ant Suite is v1.32 and sales are now handled by RISCOS Ltd. You should direct all sales enquiries to them.
However, I do have a couple of copies of v1.32 for sale myself - complete with manual and three floppy discs, I can supply these for £40.00 inc.p&p.

Latest updates

6th Sep 2004
32-bit Traceroute tool for testing purposes. New!

5th Jun 2003
I've done a quick hack to the Ant Suite mail delivery module to enable users to integrate SpamStamp between mail clients such as Pluto and MessengerPro.

spammail.zipMake sure you read the 'ReadMe1st' file before you install anything!

14th Sep 2001
The module below will fix the problem of messages appearing blank or with paragraphs missing from the top of them. This was caused by a bug in the mail transport agent (mta) module in the suite, resulting in buffer space overflowing and overwriting the linefeed which separates the header with the message text - with the result that the first paragraph of the message disappears into the message header.

mta.zipZip archive containing an updated mta module.
Read the 'ReadMe1st' file inside the archive before installing.

General utilities

The following are various utilities I've written in order to make using the Ant Suite more flexible and pleasurable.

AntUtilsAdds a number of useful additions to the Ant Suite, including the ability to get Fresco to fake other browsers.
NewsDateA plugin for AntUtils (although it will operate in stand-alone mode), which allows you to overcome the bug in the AntSuite when you try to tell the news setup to go back x number days (and it incorrectly calculates the date).

General applications

The following downloads are individual components which you can upgrade independently.

upg_132p.binUpgrade the !Upgrade tool from v1.2x to v1.32.
You should install this, then quit and reload !Upgrade before carrying out further upgrades
mar153p4.binMarcel version 1.53
Fresco184.upgFresco 1.84 (the latest non-Javascript version)
Fresco213.zipFresco 2.13 (the latest Javascript version)
N.B. This is only for people who only have version 1.32 of the Ant Suite, as it performs a system check to ensure that you already have Fresco v2.02 or v2.03 installed.
Click here to read my original notes emailed to people requesting this upgrade.
Fresco TemplatesNew Fresco Templates
Simply copy over the top of your !Fresco to allow up to 50 character usernames on password protected web sites.
WebFTPv1.41 of the WebFTP module
Copy into !Fresco.RMStore
gifLatest version of !Fresco.RMStore.gif
pngLatest version of !Fresco.RMStore.png
40 bit SSL modulev1.21 of the Fresco 40 bit SSL module
Click here to read my original notes emailed to people requesting the SSL module.
128 bit SSL modulev1.21 of the Fresco 128 bit SSL module
Click here to read my original notes emailed to people requesting the SSL module.

If you have version 1.29b, 1.29f or 1.30

The following downloads are available, which will enable you to upgrade to v1.31

ins_129-131pA complete upgrade to v1.31
f173a.upgFresco 1.72 to 1.73a

If you have version 1.22 or 1.24

The following downloads are available, which will enable you to upgrade to v1.29, from which you can then upgrade to v1.31 using the upgrades above.

ins_129p.binUpgrade from v1.22/24 to v1.29b

If you have a version prior to 1.22

You can download a complete copy of version 1.31

This is a complete, two disc set which will replace, or update, your original two discs (high density). Please note that you will still need your original Ant serial number (on disc 1) in order to install the suite.

ins_131A.arcComplete version 1.31 (disc 1)
ins_131B.arcComplete version 1.31 (disc 2)

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