Filtering Emails using Posty

A new facility to filter emails was added to Posty at version 1.30. This is based upon simple rules which can be edited by the user.


Versions 1.30 and above let you carry out simple filtering on messages, using a few simple rules and a filter definition file, which is stored in your !PostyUser directory.

Filters can be used to deliver messages which meet certain criteria into different accounts.

To set this up, create a plain text file called filters and store it inside !PostyUser. Each line of this file should contain an individual filter rule, consisting of four comma separated entries. These are Type,Condition,Query,To

The Type is the type of header you wish to scan. There are currently four available options;

The Condition refers to the type of matching you want Posty to do. There are currently three available options;

The Query is the string you want to test for, such as archive-on-line or oregano.

And finally, the To field is where you want Posty to move any matching messages to.

An example would be;

which would intercept all messages that contain 'archive-on-line' (the Archive mailing list) in the 'To' field and deliver them to a local email account (which can be any email address which is setup on your copy of Voyager).

If you're unsure about anything, please contact me.

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