Ant Internet Suite Release II FAQ

This section provides answers to most of the frequently asked questions and queries people encounter whilst using the Ant Internet Suite.

What's New

30th May 2004 - Updated section 17 on RISCOS Select/Adjust specific questions.

At present, this is a conversion of the original Ant FAQ. At some point I hope to re-write and update the FAQ to not only include new questions but to also clarify some of the questions listed below.
This is quite a lengthy job, so please forgive me if it's not updated as frequently as I would like.


Although I regularly review the documentation provided here, I offer no warranty either express or implied with respect to the InetSuite software or documentation, its quality, performance, or fitness for a particular purpose. As a result these documents are made available "as is" and in using them you are assuming the entire risk as to their quality and suitability.


  1. Getting going for the first time
    Installing the Suite & communicating with your modem
  2. Internet Service Providers
    Using the Suite to connect to an ISP
  3. Refining your configuration
    Acorn Access, automatic mail & news transfers, etc.
  4. !Marcel (email)
    Fetching, reading, replying to and sending emails
  5. !Marcel (news)
    Fetching, reading, replying to and sending news postings
  6. !Fresco
    World Wide Web browsing, Java, JavaScript, SSL, etc.
  7. !HotList
    Managing your favourite Internet addresses
  8. !FTP
    Transferring files to and from remote computers
  9. !WebTool
    Copying World Wide Web pages for offline browsing
  10. !ANTterm
    Manually connecting to remote computers
  11. Upgrading
    How can I get hold of the latest software? What are the latest versions?
  12. Reporting problems or suggestions
    Something has gone wrong; how do I report it?
  13. Server Suite
    Issues specific to the ANT Internet Server Suite
  14. Known bugs
    Has someone else seen the bug I've just discovered? Is there a fix or workaround available?
  15. Third party software
    Additional software for use with the Suite
  16. Error messages
    I've just been told something; what does it mean?
  17. RISCOS Select Issues
    Possible issues after installing RISCOS Select?

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