Online Banking using RISC OS Browsers

I've setup this page to give a brief summary of what online banking services work and don't work with which RISC OS browsers.

I don't have a copy of WebsterXL and as I don't use Internet Banking myself, I've not been able to verify a lot of the results shown here. If any users can offer additional feedback, I would be very grateful and will update this page accordingly.

The good news is that NetSurf, the open source web browser project has come such a long way since first released, that it's now becoming a serious contender and allowing access to more banks.

Some useful help and comparison of online banking facilities

What you need
All online banking will (or should) require 128 bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, so ensure that your brower can cope with this. Most browser now come with this built-in but an upgrade exists for Fresco version 2.13 (available from if you require it.

Oregano, WebsterXL, NetSurf and Firefox should have 128 bit SSL built-in.

A tick indicates that someone has confirmed a site as working ok, or at least usable. A cross indicates that a site doesn't work with a particular browser and a blank entry indicates the status as 'unknown'.

Bank/Financial InstitutionNotesFresco 2.13Oregano 1.10Oregano 2Webster
NetSurfFirefox 1Firefox 2
AbbeyThey advise you to upgrade to the latest versions of MSIE or Netscape!!
Doesn't appear to work at all since they've upgraded (downgraded!!) their site.
NoNoNo Yes  
Alliance & LeicesterGraphics can appear all over the place, but should be usable. YesYes    
American ExpressYou cannot log in via the 'Check and Manage Your Accounts' link on the Homepage. You must login via the 'Online Services' then 'Log in to My Account' links.YesYesYes    
Bank of ScotlandSome display issues with viewing statements but nothing major.
Bit slow with Firefox, but should work ok.
YesNoNoNo Yes 
BarclaycardA bit slow when using Oregano 1, but appears to work ok.NoYesYesNo   
BarclaysSeems to be about the best so far
If you encounter problems entering the first page, you may need to enter the following command from the command prompt;
*sysctl -ew net.inet.tcp.rfc1644=0
(you may wish to load this permanently to your !Boot sequence, by adding a line to the Choices:Internet.User file).
Cahoot YesYesYes Yes  
Citibank  YesYes    
Cooperative BankHave recently updated their site and I've received reports that it now works ok with RISC OS browers, but display positioning is messed up.YesYesYesYesYes  
Egg YesYesNo Yes  
First DirectBadly designed site makes incorrect use of Javascript and extensive use of Java.YesNoNo    
HalifaxScripting deficiencies won't allow transactions (bill payments, transfers) YesNoNoYesYes 
HSBCJust about works with NetSurf, but colour makes some buttons almost unreadable so you need to know layout. Should work with O2 with scripting turned off.NoNoYes Yes  
INGdirect NoNo     
Bank/Financial InstitutionNotesFresco 2.13Oregano 1.10Oregano 2Webster
NetSurfFirefox 1Firefox 2
LloydsTSBFaking set to Mozilla 4.0 or above, MSIE 4 or above and Win98 works.
Slight formatting problems in O1 but appears to work ok. Slow!!
Apparently, faking set to Oregano 1.10 also works.
MBNA YesYesYesYesYes  
Morgan Stanley   Yes    
NationwideThe secret is to use the PDA site at Nationwide Mobile Banking - Sign On or set browser faking to Netscape 4.72YesYesYes No  
NatWestIf you wish to complain, the NetWest Online banking helpline number is 0845 6050789 or, to save the phone bill, 0800 3280211  Yes    
One AccountJavascript won't work with Fresco YesYes No  
PayPalThe online payment processorNoYes  Yes  
Royal Bank of ScotlandThey appear to have updated their site, and I've received reports that it now works ok with Fresco.YesNo     
Sharepeople (part of AmEx) YesYesYes    
SmileSet faking to Explorer 5.5 YesYes    
WoolwichIf you wish to complain, they have a response form at       
ANZ (New Zealand)Usual drivel about requiring Windows and MSIE etcNoNoNo    
ASB (New Zealand)   Yes    
Argenta (Belgium)Layout is not 100% ok but all transactions can be done. Yes     
Banco Popular (Spain)Requires Javascript though. Yes     
Commonwealth Bank Australia NoYesNo  Yes 
Challenge, aka WestPac (Australia/New Zealand)Works with faking set to Mozilla 5.01/MSIE 5.00/Win '98Yes  No   
Credit Agricole (France)     No  
Direktanlage (Austria)  NoNoNo   
Fortis (Belgium)  NoNo  Yes 
HBOS (Bankwest) (Australia)"Written for IE as everyone used or had access to it."NoNoNo    
Hypo Tirol Bank (Austria)  YesYesNo   
La Banque Postale (France)     No  
NBNZ (New Zealand)    Yes   
Orange County Teachers Federal Credit Union (California)Table rendering looks better in Fresco though)YesYes     
Valley Credit Union (USA)  YesYes    

What to do about banks that DON'T work with RISC OS browsers

A lot of banks seem to be rather blinkered in their view that if you're not using Microsoft Windows you're not wanted as a customer. The best solution would be to vote with your feet (or mouse button) and boycott them by registering with an alternative bank. As most are competing for customers, it's in their own interests to fix their website in order to attract the greatest number of customers.

If you think you might convince them to fix their badly designed web sites, please feel free to point them to my Fresco Specification page.


I hope to make available a range of standard letters of complaint that people can use as templates to either email or write to their own bank if it doesn't have an open-standards compliant website. This way, banks with badly designed websites may consider fixing faults to prevent their customers considering a move to an alternative bank - which, in this day and age of competition and less customer loyalty I'd have thought banks would be trying to avoid!


Hopefully, this page will become a central repository of internet banking details for RISC OS users. If you have any additional experiences, either with banks listed above, or new ones I don't have listed, please contact me and I will update this page.

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