HTC Touch HD Notes and Information

The HTC Touch HD runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and has 288MB of main memory. It's powered by a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM 7201A processor.

Warning: I should point out to anyone considering this device, that the battery life is very short. I was disappointed to find that it rarely lasts more than two days, even spending the majority of time in stand-by mode. Compared to over a week for my Nokia E90 I found this very poor. Also, Windows Mobile is nowhere near as reliable as Symbian - but most people know that already!

At present, the 'Active Sync' software supplied with the phone only supports Microsoft Windows. However, you can sync it with the Apple Mac using The Missing Sync. RISC OS won't recognise the phone via USB for some reason, even when the phone is switched to 'storage device' mode. However, you can transfer files to RISC OS via Samba or a network drive by using Resco Explorer on the phone.

I don't really like Windows Mobile, but the choice of phones running Symbian is getting smaller. The HTC Touch HD is technically superior to the Apple iPhone, has more applications available for it and is more flexible (multiple folders for emails for a start). However, Windows is much less reliable - I had to do no less than three factory 'hard' resets of the device within a week of getting the phone.

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