T-Mobile Hints and Tips

These tips are based on the UK T-Mobile network. If you're elsewhere your mileage may vary.

Configuring T-Mobile Voicemail

If you need to reset your phone, or set it up for the first time, you may be asked to enter your voicemail number. This is +44063 followed by your mobile number, excluding the initial 0. Thus, if your telephone number is 07946-123456 then your voicemail number is +440637946123456

Configuring GPRS (using T-Mobile)

The easiest way to configure the phone for T-Mobile GPRS is to use the auto-setup wizard, which will generate the relevant internet settings for you. For outgoing mail, you want to set your SMTP server name to with no 'Use SMTP authentication'.

GSM Network Commands

Extending the time before going to Voicemail

Sometimes you may wish to extend the delay period before someone phoning your mobile gets diverted to voicemail. This may be because you don't get to the phone in time, or you have a ringtone that you want to listen to. :-)

Although this is usually deemed a network operator job that you can't control from the phone, you can actually send the relevant GSM command message from your handset.

The delay can be set from 0 to 30 seconds in 5 second increments. We'll call this 'nn'.

Key into your phone **61*destination*11*nn# [send] where 'destination' is your voicemail number. On T-Mobile this is usually +44073 followed by your mobile number excluding the initial 0. So, for example, if your mobile number is 07946123456 you would key in **61*++440737946123456*11*25# and press [send]. This should set the voicemail delay to 25 seconds.

To cancel, send ##61*11# and to query, send *#61*11#

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