Nokia E90 Communicator Notes

The E90 runs Symbian OS v9.2 S60 release 3.1 and has 128MB of main memory. It's powered by a 330MHz ARM11 processor.

At present, Nokia's own PC Suite software only supports Windows, but I've found that Mac OS will sync with the phone using iSync and RISC OS will connect to the phone if you switch the USB mode to 'Data Transfer', after which you can access the memory card in the phone as a standard USB mass storage device.

The latest Nokia Software Updater is v1.4.39en (as of 20th Jun 2008) and the latest Nokia PC Suite is v6.86.9.3 (as of May 2008)

Latest firmware

To find the version of the firmware on your device, dial *#0000# on the phone.

The latest version of the firmware, as of 20th Jun 2008 is:-

v 210.34.75 List of changes available here
Nokia E90 (01)

Flash upgrading the firmware

Check the latest firmware for your product code. Note the latest (v 210.34.75) is now available for UK phones, so the following notes shouldn't currently be required (Feb 2008).

Run the software update utility to see if there's an update for your phone. If not, you can force an update by carrying out the following procedure. If things go wrong, check here. DO NOT continue with the following steps unless you're confident of what you're doing, so don't come crying to me if it all goes wrong!

  1. Check that the latest Nokia Software Updater (NSU) software is installed on your PC.
  2. Ensure that you've backed up all the data in your phone memory, using the Memory application (in the Tools folder). Go to Options and select Backup phone memory.
  3. Download the Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) software from This lets you modify the product code in your phone. The latest version is (Jun 2008) - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  4. Unzip and install the program, accepting the default settings.
  5. Ensure your E90 USB mode is set to 'PC Suite' and connect your E90 to your PC via the USB cable.
  6. Run the NSS application. When it loads, click on the Scan for new device icon (far right on the toolbar). This should connect to the phone.
  7. Click on the Phone Info tab in NSS.
  8. Now click on the button which says Scan (under Actions)
  9. Once the phone has been found, click on the Read button in the Production Data Edit box. The various fields should be filled in automatically.
  10. Click on Enable to the right of the the Product Code field.
  11. Select a valid code from the list at If unsure, I recommend using the EMEA 1 UK mocca one (0533332) which seemed to work ok on my E90.
  12. Enter this code into the Product Code field, then click on Write.
  13. You can now run the standard Nokia software update program and it should now offer you the new update.

Hints and Tips

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