HP iPAQ 5550

I no longer use my HP5550 PDA, having replaced it with a Nokia E90 smart phone, but I shall continue to maintain this page with useful information.

Several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are listed here.

Essential Stuff for the HP5550 PDA

Once you've got your Pocket PC, I'd recommend downloading the following 'essential' utilities and software. I certainly wouldn't be without them.

  1. Battery Pack 2003 - Indispensable application launcher, control panel and Pocket PC manager.
  2. Pocket Informant - Replacement contacts/calendar/tasks manager application. Adds valuable enhancements to the default applications.
  3. eWallet - Secure database for storing passwords and other confidential information.
  4. RMRBank - Powerful and flexible personal finance/bank account management.
  5. IA Zip - The best ZIP file archiver/dearchiver I've found.
  6. MobiReader - eBook reader.
  7. UnitConverter - Very useful unit converter.

Approx cost is $179.79 (£115.00) if you register all the above applications

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