Top Ten....

ID Fraud - Ten ways to prevent ID fraud and protect yourself.

Personal Privacy - Ten ways to keep your personal privacy and anonyminity.

Chip and PIN Cards - Ten Reasons why you should boycott Chip and PIN cards.

ID Cards - Ten Reasons why you should refuse to accept a national ID card scheme.

Movement - 10 things to say to the police if you're stopped and asked where you're going. NEW!

Cold Callers - Ten games to play with marketeers who insist on cold calling you....

Guide to spotting common people - Ten ways to spot common people.

Bands - The Top Ten Greatest Rock Bands of all time.

Beauty - The Top Ten most attractive women in the world.

Why Ten?

1. It's convenient
It's a convenient number - ie. not too many, but sufficient to give food for thought.

2. Target met
It should be an easily obtainable target to find ten reasons for a particular point of view.

3. Reasonable choice
You can get a reasonable choice and cross-section of viewpoints and main options for discussion.

4. Inspiration for more
It should give enough options to get the brain working and inspire more thought processes so that you can probably think of more than ten, and understand the subject matter a bit better.

5. Sets a goalpost
It gives a target for when you've thought of a couple of things but can't think of any more. By setting a target of ten, you have to keep the thought processes running.

6. Inspires a challenge
It inspires a challenge once you've reached about six items. Are the last four more difficult to think of? Are they more important than the first things thought of, or do you understand the subject a bit better?

7. Achievement
Once you get to eight or nine items you will see that the target is achievable after all, even if you had difficulty thinking to start off with.

8. Satisfaction
When you get to about eight, a feeling of satisfaction should occur, as you will now be able to see light at the end of the tunnel - only two more points to go - should you wish to stop at ten.

9. Think outside the box
Usually an obscure one that you hadn't thought of initially but somehow enters your brain around the seven or eight mark. Don't stop though. It helps to think of ten items all in one sitting, one after the other. If you get stuck around the six mark, keep going. Don't take a break. Get your brain working. Think outside the box.

10. Summary
When you reach ten, you should give a quick summary of each point. The target is met. You should now be fully thinking about the subject in hand.

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