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Misc Setup [44K]
Downloaded:656 times :-)
Version:1.13 (1st May 2008)
Requirements:Universal !Boot sequence

About MiscSetup

Misc Setup is a plugin for the universal !Boot configuration system and allows you to configure various options which aren't catered for in the standard configuration options. Although, I aim to develop this utility to provide access to any options people require, at present it provides the easy configuration of several facilities:-

  • Setting the default desktop font size
  • Setting the default desktop font aspect ratio
  • Setting in the initial font cache size (which may be bigger than 1020K)
  • Setting the default Nextslot size (useful if you run things like Nettle ANSI tasks)
  • Setting the LMTransport protocol (or not)
  • Option of replacing various desktop icons, including replacing the boring Iyonix taskswitcher icon with a nice 'Acorn' one. :-)
  • Setting various visual flags in the wimp, such as textured menus, 3D window borders and transparent icon backgrounds on the pinboard.
  • Ability to switch between multiple sets of desktop ToolSprites
  • Optional 'big mouse pointer' for better visibility.

What's new in version 1.13

The 'Big mouse pointer' option.

IMPORTANT NOTE The default installation location of MiscSetup changed at v1.09. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please ensure that you read the ReadMe1st file contained within the archive. This contains important installation notes.

Optional add-on utility

If you want to customise your desktop ToolSprites, you may find my ToolMaker utility useful. This allows you to customise the various RISC OS desktop window tool sprites by changing colour and designs. ToolMaker can automatically integrate with MiscSetup and create the relevant ToolSprite icons for you.

Visit the ToolMaker web page for more information.

To Do

I've not implemented the full range of selecting colours for the 3D effects in windows yet, but hope to add this to a future version.



Other software you may find useful

  · !Territory applicationby Andreas Feldner and Detlef Thielsch
Allows you to set and configure the Territory, Keyboard and Timezone if required.

More RISC OS software can be found at


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.13 (1st May 2008)
        a) Added support for 'Big mouse pointer'.
 v1.12 (16th Apr 2008)
        a) Added option to select various additional ToolSprites icon sets.
        b) Added email and web links to 'Info' window.
 v1.11 (30th Nov 2007)
        a) Added help icon to main window, to load this file.
        b) Added more information to this !Help file.
 v1.10 (29th Nov 2007)
        a) Added VisualWimp effects, to provide some of the RISC OS Select 'glossy effects' such
           as 3D window borders, transparent icons on the pinboard and textured menus etc.
 v1.09 (13th Jan 2007)
        a) Allowed used of 'Adjust' button to turn off LMTransport or NetBEUI options without
           toggling the other option. This may cater for alternative network cards which don't
           require EITHER setting to be saved within PreDesk.
 v1.08 (1st Jun 2006)
        a) Added option to enable/disable lazy task swapping.
 v1.07 (8th Mar 2006)
        a) Added option to run !Scrap from a RAM disc.
        b) Added option to use mini toolsprites.
        c) Added option to use extra iconsprites.
        d) Added 'Open resources dir' button.
        e) Redesigned main window layout slightly.
 v1.06 (17th Jan 2006)
        a) Re-wrote sound sample patch code to correctly enumerate all the available sample
           rates to the fitted hardware and then patch to 44.1KHz accordingly (see PRM vol 5a,
        b) Fixed bug whereby Boot:Choices.PreDesk.MiscSetup sometimes didn't get created,
           leading to an error when trying to save preferences.
 v1.05a (16th Jan 2006)
        a) Corrected sample rate setting to 25 (441000Hz) - v1.06 will include additional code
           to correctly read all the relevant sound samples according to the relevant hardware
           in the machine (PRM vol5a, p 590-)
 v1.05 (14th Jan 2006)
        a) Changed window design slightly.
        b) Added facily to correct the default sound sample rate.
        c) Moved PreDesk choices into it's own directory.
 v1.04 (23rd Dec 2004)
        a) Added support for setting the initial font cache.
           Thanks to Mark Rowan for suggesting this option, due to a limitation in the RISC OS 4
           !Boot 'font' configuration.
 v1.03 (22nd Apr 2004)
        a) Fixed minor bug to enable keypresses to work.
 v1.02 (21st Apr 2004)
        a) Amended desktop font size to be adjustable in steps of 0.25pt for finer control of
           size. (Thanks to Chris Terran for suggesting it)
        b) Added font aspect ratio configuration editing.
        c) Added SHIFT action to font size buttons to jump bigger steps.
 v1.01 (3rd Mar 2004)
        a) Added 'default' switcher icon back so that you can switch back to the default Iyonix
           switcher icon without resetting the machine.
 v1.00 (29th Dec 2003)
        a) Bug fix: Work around 'feature' of RISC OS 5 which prevents the resizing of desktop ROM
           fonts (ie. Corpus,Homerton,Trinity etc.)
 v0.09 (27th Dec 2003)
        a) Bug fix: Fixed parsing and editing of FontSetup file.
 v0.08 (27th Dec 2003)
        a) Increased upper limit on NextSlot to 512M
        b) Tidied icons a bit, to allow for bigger desktop font sizes.
        c) Added desktop font size configuration.
        d) Added 'Adjust' reverse action operation to up/down buttons.
 v0.07 (24th Dec 2003)
        First version - should be all working ok.

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