SuperSnake [197K]
Downloaded:724 times :-)
Version:1.26 (29 Jun 2006)
Requirements:RISC OS 2 or above
128K wimpslot

SuperSnake is an up-to-date version of the old arcade classic, Snake. You must guide a snake around an obstacle course, whilst collecting the various items of food. As you collect food, so your tail grows. Fully wimp compliant and runs from the Acorn desktop, complete with a host of options including user definable keys, two player option, computer controlled 'rogue' snake, fast mode etc etc.

This version is optimised for the Iyonix. If you find that it doesn't run correctly on older machines, try downloading the previous version (downloaded 507 times :-)) which is compatible with Risc PC and pre-Risc PC machines.

If you would like to register via PayPal, please click on the PayPal icon, which will be handled on my behalf by Digital Phenomena Ltd. Alternatively you can post a cheque (details in the !Help file inside the application).


screenshotShowing level four, single-player mode. The main game runs in mode 28 and there are over 20 different levels, of increasing difficulty.

I also challenge anyone to get very far on SuperFast mode. :-)

High Scores

If you get a score you're proud of, then why not drop me an email with the score and level you reached and I'll add it to the all-time 'Hall of Fame' below.

Pos.NameScoreLevelFast Mode
1Paul Vigay100000- 
2Paul Vigay90000- 
3Paul Vigay80000- 
4Paul Vigay70000- 
5Paul Vigay60000- 
6Paul Vigay50000- 
7Paul Vigay40000- 
8Paul Vigay30000- 
9Paul Vigay20000- 
10Paul Vigay10000- 

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