Shanghai [99K]
Downloaded:1104 times :-)
Version:1.04 (2nd Dec 2002)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.10 or above
128K wimpslot


A RISC OS desktop version of the classic Chinese game of patience. Remove pairs of matching files from the board in order to clear the board.

High Scores

1.Rosemary Miskin116
2.Graham Sumner150
3.Willem Arends172
4.Wendy Gray175
5.Willem Arends180
6.David Mills180
7.Wendy Gray181
8.David Mills196
9.John McCartney199
10.Rob Hemmings222
11.Wendy Gray223
12.Rob Hemmings248
13.Wendy Gray253
14.Ben Crick278
If you think you qualify to enter the online high score, please contact me with your latest score.


Screenshot of a new game


If you like the game of Shanghai, you may be interested in these alternatives to my version.

  · Shanghaiby David Chapman
Features enhanced, high resolution graphics and 17 different tile designs to choose from.

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