TaskSetup [29K]
Downloaded:686 times :-)
Version:1.05 (6th May 2007)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.1 or above
512K wimpslot


Task Setup is a plugin for the universal !Boot configuration system and allows you to configure which applications are loaded on startup.Anyone familiar with the Mac OS 9/Classic way of enabling/disabling system extensions will recognise this simple way to determine which files get loaded or seen at boot-up

Users of Task Setup may also be interested in ScanMod, which will scan all the modules stored on your computer for integrity and latest version.

What's New in this Version

- Added help toolbar to give brief notes on each file.
- Made control icons into a toolbar to avoid scrolling out of view
- Tested on RISC OS 6 (Select 4i2) and A9Home


Screenshot [38KB]


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.05 (6th May 2007)
        a) Improve memory allocation.
        b) Increase wimpslot to 512K to prevent memory allocation errors
           when there are large numbers of files within the boot directories.
 v1.04 (6th May 2007)
        a) Changed task name to "Task Setup" (rather than just "Task")
        b) Added some more items to the help database.
        c) Expanded internal memory allocations.
 v1.03 (1st May 2007)
        a) Added 'Help/Info' line, which provides additional information on files.
        b) Converted top control icons into a tool window so that it doesn't scroll out of view
           when you scroll down.
        c) Bug fix: Files and applications are now shown in the correct alphabetical order,
           irrespective of lower/uppercase.
        d) Added database of common applications and modules.
        e) Tested on RISC OS 6 (Select 4i2) and A9Home.
        f) Changed 'Cancel' icon text to 'Close' to avoid confusion.
        g) Added Help icon to main toolbar, for TaskSetup help.
 v1.02 (25th Jan 2006)
        a) Fixed occasional fatal 'abort' error (down to silly typo in having wrong number of icons
           defined in window definition).
        b) Added 'Open Dir' icon to main window - to open the relevant directory.
        c) Added '!Help' icons to open any associated !Help files within the relevant applications/
           utilities etc.
        d) Adjusted initial window position to be consistent with other Boot plugins.
        e) Made icons a more consistent size to allow for long filenames.
 v1.01 (24th Jan 2006)
        a) Made directory selection via a menu instead of buttons.
        b) Amended wording in error warning window to say TaskSetup instead of MiscSetup.
        c) Made window opening a bit more consistent.
        d) Coloured 'locked' items red.
 v1.00 (23rd Jan 2006)
        First version - should be all working ok.

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