Course Five: Introduction to RISC OS as a development platform - Contents

The purpose of this short course is to familiarise the user with using RISC OS as a development platform for writing and editing your own software.
One of the powerful features of RISC OS is the availability of a range of advanced, yet easy to use text editors, which are essential for ease of use and rapidly developing your software.
A text editor is used to edit your source code files which will form the basis for your programming environment. I strongly believe in choosing the right tools for the job. Although, my personal preference is !Zap, I have given brief instructions on how to use !Edit (which is built into all RISC OS computers) and !StrongED (which is arguably easier than !Zap for beginners to understand).
I would recommend trying all three and seeing which one you feel more comfortable with. After all, your text editor is likely to be your most frequently used application as you become more proficient at developing software.

The structure of this course means that you can read the lessons in any order, depending upon which editor you wish to use. However, I would recommend that all newcomers read lesson 1 - choosing the right editor.

Lesson Plan
 · Lesson 1 - Choosing the right editor
 · Lesson 2 - A brief introduction to Edit
 · Lesson 3 - A brief introduction to StrongED
 · Lesson 4 - A brief introduction to Zap

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