The main purpose of the RISC OS Academy is described in the New Users Introduction.

Whilst I will endeavour to answer all Academy related emails promptly and hopefully to the satisfaction of students, due to the expansive nature of the topics I cannot guarantee to answer every possible enquiry. However, if I do not know the specific answer to a question, I will endeavour to recommend sources where the answer may be found.

Although you are free to ask questions not directly related to the course material, I reserve the right to refuse to answer emails on topics outside the scope of the Academy. If this is the case, I will explain why and again try to point students to alternative sources of information.

Any emails received from non-subscribers or from subscribers whose annual subscription has lapsed will be deleted and/or ignored at my discretion. In reality, this will depend on my work load and will generally result in an automated response asking the student to renew their subscription.

If any part of this disclaimer is ambiguous or unclear, please feel free to email me for clarification. My decision is final.

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