Course 12: Introduction to cgi programming using PERL - Contents

This course is designed for fairly competent HTML programmers and people who want to create their own server site programs which will run under PERL on a web server.
Not all ISPs allow the running of user created cgi programs, so you may require a local machine running a web server, to use as a test bed to run your scripts.
Students who don't have a Linux server can develop PERL applications using RISC OS by installing a web server such as WebJames and installing the RISC OS port of PERL.

Lesson Plan
 · Lesson 1 - Introduction and Tools required for the job.
 · Lesson 2 - Starting off: Default routines and templates.
 · Lesson 3 - Reading information from the user.
 · Lesson 4 - Processing information.
 · Lesson 5 - Outputting the results back to the users web browser.
 · Lesson 6 - Installing WebJames/PERL on RISC OS.

Useful Links
 · WebJames - Web server for RISC OS
 · Perl - RISC OS port of PERL

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