RISC OS Academy Course 7: An Introduction to WIMP Programming using BBC BASIC

This is the primary course of the RISC OS Academy and as such will be the most extensive. The aim of this course is to encourage newcomers to write multi-tasking WIMP based applications for RISC OS computers using the built-in BBC Basic.

Not only will this give people experience and training in the concepts of multi-tasking windows based programming, but will hopefully inspire people to go on and develop a bigger library of applications for RISC OS so that it may benefit the RISC OS community as a whole.

As part of the training in this particular course, I'm exclusively making available my own WIMP development libraries which will enable users to quickly and efficiently develop their own WIMP based applications with the minimum of time and effort. These will be introduced as they are required throughout the course, and comprise a comprehensive library by the end.

A pre-requisite for this course is a reasonable understanding of BBC Basic, as this course will concentrate on learning WIMP programming and not BBC BASIC itself. If you need a refresher course on BBC BASIC, please see course 6. This course will cover SWI calls, memory blocks and pointers in order to help you write your own multi-tasking applications to run within the RISC OS desktop.

An adaptation of this course appears as an exclusive series of articles in RISC OS Now magazine, starting from issue 7.

Lesson Plan

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