Introduction for New Users

The RISC OS Academy has been designed for newcomers who want to obtain that little bit more from their RISC OS computer. It's also aimed at PC and Mac users who are thinking about upgrading to a RISC OS computer, or buying one as a second machine in order to learn programming or web design.

RISC OS is an under-used platform for learning the basics of computing and using a GUI (graphical user interface). Because all the courses within the RISC OS Academy are designed from the ground up and intended for people with no previous experience, all jargon and technical terms will be explained, both in the text of the lessons as well as via a separate glossary of terms.

The way I've designed the courses is that each course will consist of a number of lessons. Lesson one will introduce the subject, give a broad outline of what will be taught, and give pointers to any additional resources or information you may require in order to continue through the lessons.
Each lesson will continue from the previous so that you can work at your own speed, either by working through a lesson whenever you have some free time, or you can skip between lessons for reference and refreshing your memory once you've mastered the topic of each lesson.

As each lesson explains new topics, I'll include various examples and sample code segments within the lesson. To help you understand each lesson, some topics will have mini tests so that you can recap and test your knowledge on particular aspects of the course. Don't worry if you're unsure of the answers, as all tests will be accompanied by worked answers and explanations - again, so that you can work through them at your own speed, or go back to recap certain topics which may be confusing.

If anything is confusing, or not as clear as it could be, you are free to email me for further explanation or to perhaps improve various aspects of the lesson.

If you like you can save the pages locally on your hard disc, or print them out in order to read through when you're away from the computer.

Some courses are shorter than others and basically serve to introduce various aspects of RISC OS for people who have perhaps never used it before, or experimenting for the first time. I'm anticipating that most subscribers to the Academy will be doing so in order to learn BASIC programming and also Web Design. These areas are where most detail will be focussed.

As always, if you think that any of these pages could be expanded, worded better or just generally clarified, then please do email me, as I want it to be beneficial to all new users. Indeed, a secondary aim of the RISC OS Academy is to enthuse people enough that they may continue developing their own software for RISC OS and in turn improve the RISC OS software scene,

It's my opinion, gained over 20 years of using computers, that RISC OS is by far the best platform for designing web sites. It's clarity, ease of use and excellent tools make it more efficient and productive for designers to create effective and functional web sites with the minimum of stress. I hope that Windows users and Apple Mac users examine RISC OS as a viable (and more productive) working environment to aid their web design work.

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