In case you're bothered.... Who is this Paul Vigay bloke?

In the real world I live in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK at 50°47' N, 1°04' W.

No obligatory images of me or my family and I hate cats. However, in case anyone cares, here is my geek code:

GCS/M/P/TW d-- s: a+ C++ UL++ P++ L+ !E W+++ N+++ o? K? w--- O- M+
V PS+ PE Y++ PGP++ t+ 5 X++ R- tv- b+ DI++ D- G e* h-- r++ y+

The master Geek Code page seems no longer to be maintained, but you can interpret this with The Geek Code Decoder Page.

My Background

I've been interested in computers from an early age (circa 1978) and have extensive knowledge of all computer platforms ranging from 'retro' machines such as Acorn, Commodore, Sinclair and Atari to mainframe and mini systems to 'current' machines such as Iyonix's, PCs and Macs. My platform of choice is RISC OS, simply because it's so productive and I can get things done in a fraction of the time it would take me if I was using Windows or Mac OS.

I'm interested in the paranormal, conspiracies and what 'they' don't want you to know about. Some people call me mad for this, and indeed many people in those subjects are a bit 'far out', but then computer geeks usually need to get out more! Thus, I find that being interested in the rational, logical technology side of computers and electronics as well as being interested in irrational topics such as crop circles and conspiracies actually tends to keep me quite balanced because I find I can use my left AND right sides of my brain, equally applying my sceptical logic to either side of an argument.

My Politics

I support Free Speech onlineI support the Blue Ribbon Campaign to fight censorship of the Internet. I totally oppose the RIP Act and will do everything in my power to help people defeat it.

Since Sept.11th 2001 the US and UK Governments have sought to remove more individual freedom and privacy than terrorists ever have. In my opinion, this makes Bush and Blair the real terrorists and the biggest threat to a peaceful world.

I also support the Golden Key Campaign to protect individual's rights to use strong Support the Golden Key Campaignencryption for privacy.

I have been active in efforts to protect freedom of expression on the Internet and fight off government censorship and regulation. See my Security pages.

Libertarian AllianceIf you think freedom works and is worth extending, both on and off the net, please consider joining the Libertarian Alliance. You can take the Nolan Quiz to find out how much you have in common with libertarians.

I'm a member of Liberty and an active member of the UK Conservative Party.

My Hobbies

I enjoy watching films, especially sci-fi or fantasy films and also reading, although my reading material usually consists of non-fictional text or reference books. Like most great readers I find that I can buy books far quicker than I can actually read them.

I have been trained in White Crane Kung Fu but I'm a bit rusty at the moment and really need to get some more practice in. Work always seems to get in the way of pleasure.

I also dabble in electronic music and have developed software to synthesise musical sequences from geometry forms. Although owning an electric guitar, I've so far completely failed to learn to play 'Comfortably Numb'.

I'm also open-minded to the strange universe we live in, having personally investigated hauntings, the occult and the mysterious crop circles. I also believe the government suppress information about ET, new physics and alternative power sources, including zero point energy. I run a website exposing such things.

If you're really inquisitive, you can visit my blog and check out 101 things you probably didn't want to know about me.

Links to Friends

(This list is by no means complete, partially helped by most of my friends not having homepages - in alphabetical order to avoid favouritism). Kerry, Richard, Steve, Rich, David Icke, Daniel, Andy, Tony, Philip and last, but no means least, my dad has a web page at

If you enjoyed my pages...

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