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This section is currently under construction.
Please accept my apologies for any links which don't work yet,
but I am busy working on the missing pages as you read this.
Please check back soon!

This section has been setup to not only share ongoing research into sacred geometry, ancient wisdom and higher consciousness, but also to provide a resource centre from which you can find additional information on many related subjects.

This forms but a small part of my research, so please feel free to contact me should you want to share more detailed, or specific, comments.

Latest Comments

I have been interested in various aspects of spiritual consciousness since an 'awakening' I went through in 1990. Since then one area of research has led to another as people search for pieces of the cosmic jigsaw puzzle. My research is currently involved in trying to connect these various, seemingly disconnected, pieces.

I am currently developing some powerful computer software which will aid research into this and other subjects. The original aim for my software was to compensate for angular differences when taking measurements from aerial photographs. Whilst surveying crop formations I found that it took several hours to accurately survey the ground plan. Having obtained aerial photos I decided it would be easier if the computer could compensate for the angle of the plane and allow me to correlate the aerial photo with a minimum of key measurements taken on the ground. Once this was done, the computer should allow me to obtain accurate measurements and bearings for any other part of the image loaded.

Over time, I decided that Thoth (the name I adopted for the software) should also be capable of superimposing geometric overlays on top of the image loaded. Initially this was inspired by some of Gerald Hawkins work into diatonic ratios, but expanded to include any time of overlay I could think of, including Flower of Life, Platonic Solids, Polygons, Stars and Spirals.
As time went on the program expanded and expanded allowing for the creation of musical tones from crop circle images, conversions to and from Gregorian, Julian and Mayan long & short count calendar dates and other related calculations.

If you would like specific information on this, or related, subjects please click on one of the links to the left.

I have also set up an informal mailing list for people who are interested in sharing research and ideas.

To Subscribe, enter your email address here;  and click 

You should receive an automated response within about ten minutes, together with instructions for how to post messages to the list.

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