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Our policy and statement of security
Privacy Policy

The following statement explains our policy regarding personal and private information we collect about you.

This website is owned and maintained by Paul Vigay who oversees all editorial, security and privacy issues.

I value privacy and security very highly and adopt the maximum level of security for my visitors, whether you're just viewing the site or sending me email or other information.
I do not use Microsoft Windows, so I cannot receive or pass on any form of virus, trojan, worm or other malicious attachment or executable. The system I use (RISC OS) is 100% secure from all forms of email attack.

Emails and Viruses

Because the system I use is guaranteed, 100% free of any form of email virus, you cannot receive any emails from me containing any form of virus. This is guaranteed.
If you receive any unsolicited email from (or any of my other domains for that matter!) that you suspect may contain a virus, then it has been forged or generated by an unrelated third-party and merely attached my domain address. This can be caused by some forms of Microsoft Outlook virus, which go through users address books extracting valid email addresses to send out viruses from.
These type of emails do not originate from me. If you suspect that you may be the target of malicious or abusive emails, please feel free to get in touch with me.

For latest virus alerts and information, visit

Information on visitors

In a nutshell I don't keep any information whatsoever on visitors. I do not use Javascript, pop-ups, adverts or any other form of information gathering on anyone viewing this site. No private information is gathered or kept on any of our visitors.

Confidentiality and security

All email communications are dealt with in a 100% confidential manner. No email addresses will be passed on to any third party irrespective of motive, reason or request. If you would like to use strong encryption, my GnuPG public key is available here.
We use military grade nuking of any deleted data on hard drives so NO confidential data can ever be recovered once erased.

Interactive Maillists/Guestbooks

For security and to prevent abuse, the interactive sections, such as guestbook, record the IP address of computers used to add new comments. No other data is recorded and the server logs are regularly erased.

The mailing list you can subscribe to is also secure and pre-filtered by one of my RISC OS servers. Again, I never pass on any email addresses or details to anyone, irrespective for what purpose and/or reason.


Because my day job involves computer security advice and consultancy, please feel free to contact me if you would like advice on any issues regarding privacy and security.

I'm an active campaigner for free speech, internet freedom and privacy, including helping to defeat government attempts to regulate or suppress online or personal privacy.

Disclaimer/Impunity of Liability

The editors/registered owner of cannot and will not be held responsible for any of the interactive content on this website or it's associated interactive areas (forums, guestbooks, comment areas etc). By the mere nature of these areas, they're open to anyone who wishes to leave a comment. We act as a carrier of information, not a publisher so we're not responsible for comments people leave, although we will act to remove anything reported as abusive, offensive or libellous. Please read our full disclaimer for more information.