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  • Israel ready to strike Iran: ex-envoy - A former senior Israeli diplomat has warned that Israel is ready to launch a military offensive against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.In an exclusive interview, Dan Gillerman, Israel's permanent United Nations representative from 2003 until last September, said the time for diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability might already have expired.
    Source: Sydney Morning Herald [14th Feb 2009]
  • Israel admits using white phosphorous in attacks on Gaza - After weeks of denying that it used white phosphorus in the heavily populated Gaza Strip, Israel finally admitted yesterday that the weapon was deployed in its offensive.
    Source: The Times [24th Jan 2009]
  • Israel admits troops may have used phosphorus shells in Gaza - Israel has admitted - after mounting pressure - that its troops may have used white phosphorus shells in contravention of international law, during its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip.
    Source: The Guardian [21st Jan 2009]
  • Israelis 'shot at fleeing Gazans' - Claims have been received by the BBC and an Israeli human rights group that Israeli troops have fired on Gaza residents trying to escape the conflict area. Israel has strongly denied the allegations.
    Source: BBC News [14th Jan 2009]
  • War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields - The military invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Forces bears a direct relation to the control and ownership of strategic offshore gas reserves. This is a war of conquest. Discovered in 2000, there are extensive gas reserves off the Gaza coastline.
    Source: Global Research [12th Jan 2009]
  • US consigns 3,000 tonnes of "ammunition" to Israel - The US Navy's Military Sealift Command is hiring a merchant ship to carry the arms on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to Israel in mid-to-late January, according to Reuters. A 'hazardous material" designation on the manifest mentions explosive substances and detonators, but no other details. One broker said that the size of a shipment of this kind has not been seen for years. DEBKAfile's military sources note that the Israel's air, ground, tank and sea offensive against Hamas in Gaza entered its 15th day Saturday, Jan. 10.
    Source: DebkaFile [10th Jan 2009]
  • McCain Should Explain About Liberty Killings - If Barak Obama’s association with 1960s radical William Ayers is a critical issue in this campaign, then Sen. John McCain’s role in protecting the actions of his father in the deaths of 34 American sailors is an issue, too.While most Americans know all about the Ayers controversy, few know that McCain’s father, Navy Admiral John McCain Jr., was involved in the cover-up of the Israeli assault on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967.
    Source: Chicago Herald [1st Nov 2008]
  • Israel Accuses North Korea of Black Market Weapons Trade in Middle East - Israel accused North Korea on Saturday of supplying at least half adozen Mideast governments with nuclear technology or conventionalarms.
    Source: Fox News [6th Oct 2008]
  • Palin: 'Only Flag in My Office' Is Israeli - President Peres of Israel yesterday met for the first time with Governor Palin and with Senator McCain, who called the veteran Israeli statesman "my old friend." The warm handshake and exchange of broad smiles occurred during an international gathering known as the Clinton Global Initiative, hosted by President Clinton. "I wanted to meet you for many years," Ms. Palin told Mr. Peres, according to an aide to the president. "The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag," she was quoted as saying, "and I want you to know and I want Israelis to know that I am a friend."
    Source: New York Sun [4th Oct 2008]
  • US radar in Israel is aimed at Iran - The United States has deployed a sophisticated long-range radar system in Israel capable of providing crucial early warning in case of a missile attack.There is growing anxiety in Israel and the US that Iran, which makes no secret of its long-range ballistic missiles or its uranium enrichment program, could launch an offensive against Israel.
    Source: Sydney Morning Herald [30th Sep 2008]
  • New revelations in attack on American spy ship USS Liberty - Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident
    Source: Chicago Tribune [4th Oct 2007]
  • Israel hijack role 'was queried'. False flag event? - It has been seen as a daring raid by crack Israeli troops to rescue dozens of their countrymen held at the mercy of hijackers. But newly released documents contain a claim that the 1976 rescue of hostages, kidnapped on an Air France flight and held in Entebbe in Uganda, was not all it seemed.
    Source: BBC News [2nd Oct 2007]
  • Never believe the media - especially The Jerusalem Post - Back in May, The Daily Mail ran a tragic story ( about a girl being stoned to death in Iraq. Last Saturday, The Jerusalem Post ran the same photos and video but blamed the actions on the Palestinian Hamas organisation. No doubt this was to further instill hatred of Palestinians in the Israeli readership. However, the power of the blogosphere forced the real truth to come out and the JPost to come clean about the hoax - although they're still blaming the story on a rival Palestinian group.
    Source: The Jerusalem Post [1st Oct 2007]
  • Cheney mulled Israeli strike on Iran - Vice President Dick Cheney had at one point considered asking Israel to launch limited missile strikes at an Iranian nuclear site to provoke a retaliation, Newsweek magazine reported on Sunday.
    Source: Reuters [24th Sep 2007]
  • Israel scrambled jets toward Syria - Israel dispatched several fighter jets toward its border with Syria after a Syrian aircraft disappeared from Israeli air force radar screens, Israeli military officials said Sunday, reflecting the state of heightened tensions between the two sides over a reported Israeli air strike in Syria earlier this month.
    Source: Associated Press [23rd Sep 2007]
  • Israelis ?blew apart Syrian nuclear cache? - It was just after midnight when the 69th Squadron of Israeli F15Is crossed the Syrian coast-line. On the ground, Syria?s formidable air defences went dead. An audacious raid on a Syrian target 50 miles from the Iraqi border was under way. At a rendezvous point on the ground, a Shaldag air force commando team was waiting to direct their laser beams at the target for the approaching jets. The team had arrived a day earlier, taking up position near a large underground depot. Soon the bunkers were in flames. Ten days after the jets reached home, their mission was the focus of intense speculation this weekend amid claims that Israel believed it had destroyed a cache of nuclear materials from North Korea.
    Source: The Times [16th Sep 2007]
  • Israel Restricts Ramadan Access - Hundreds of Palestinians thronged two major West Bank checkpoints, trying to reach a key Islamic shrine in Jerusalem on the first Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, despite tight Israeli restrictions. Fearing Palestinian unrest, Israeli troops turned back many of the West Bank faithful. Only men above the age of 45 and women above the age of 35, who had also obtained special permits, were allowed to enter Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque.
    Source: CBS News [16th Sep 2007]
  • Syria 'fires on Israel warplanes' - Syria has said its air defences opened fire on Israeli warplanes after they violated its airspace in the north of the country. Syrian officials said the defences forced the jets to drop ammunition over deserted areas and turn back, according to the official news agency, Sana.
    Source: BBC News [6th Sep 2007]
  • UN denounces Israel cluster bombs - The UN's humanitarian chief has accused Israel of "completely immoral" use of cluster bombs in Lebanon. UN clearance experts had so far found 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets at 359 separate sites, Jan Egeland said.
    Source: BBC News (30th Aug 2006)
  • Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip - In a growing barrage of Israeli pressure against Hamas, a senior military commander said Israel is actively preparing to reoccupy the Gaza Strip and a powerful lawmaker said the entire Palestinian Cabinet could be targeted for assassination after the appointment of a wanted militant to head a new security force.
    Source: Breitbart News (21st Apr 2006)
    Also at The Guardian (21st Apr 2006)