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  • BNP membership list leaked online - The British National party tonight vowed to take legal action after its entire membership list was published online in breach of a court injunction. The party blamed disgruntled former employees for posting details of the names, postal and email addresses and ages of more than 10,000 supporters.
    Source: The Guardian [18th Nov 2008]
  • MPs seek to censor the media - Britain's security agencies and police would be given unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, under proposals being discussed in Whitehall. The Intelligence and Security Committee, the parliamentary watchdog of the intelligence and security agencies which has a cross-party membership from both Houses, wants to press ministers to introduce legislation that would prevent news outlets from reporting stories deemed by the Government to be against the interests of national security.
    Source: The Independent [11th Nov 2008]
  • The More Things "Change" The More They Stay The Same: Obama the Messiah-Dictator is more dangerous than Bush - The messianic fervor which has preceded Barack Obama's expected ascension to the White House has alarming implications for freedom and is a painful reminder that most Americans have once again been suckered into believing that the two-party monopoly offers any kind of solution to the crisis that we face.
    Source: Prison Planet [5th Nov 2008]
  • Who are you calling terrorists, Mr Brown? - Standing in front of her net curtains, a half-eaten pancake on one side and a bottle of washing-up liquid on the other, no one could possibly confuse the bespectacled Icelandic lady with Osama bin Laden. But just to ram the point home, she brandishes a handmade sign: "I'm not a terrorist!" After Gordon Brown used anti-terror laws to freeze the assets of an Icelandic bank, the Land of the Midnight Sun is fighting back. Given Iceland does not have an army, the uprising is less Viking warrior and more citizen's revolt. Yesterday, more than 35,000 people – a ninth of the population – signed an online petition to let the world know that Icelanders are not terrorists. "Gordon Brown unjustifiably used the Anti-Terrorism Act against the people of Iceland for his own short-term political gain," the petition says. "This has turned a grave situation into a national disaster... hour by hour and day by day the actions of the British Government are indiscriminately obliterating Icelandic interests."
    Source: The Independent [25th Oct 2008]
  • Exercise your rights - Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic have been "maintaining the fiction" for decades on all aspects of foreign policy. It's time we demanded the truth.
    Source: New Statesman [25th Oct 2008]
  • Military's Social Science Grants Raise Alarm - The Pentagon's $50 million Minerva Research Initiative, named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and warriors, will fund social science research deemed crucial to national security. Initial proposals were due July 25, and the first grants are expected to be awarded by year's end.
    Source: Washington Post [3rd Aug 2008]
  • Records reveal U.S. Presence in secret Korean war slaughter - A declassified record from the Korean War shows an American colonel telling his South Korean counterpart it "would be permitted" to machine-gun 3,500 political prisoners, to keep them from joining approaching enemy forces.Other American officers observed, photographed and confidentially reported wholesale executions by their South Korean ally in 1950. The secretive slaughter is believed to have killed 100,000 or more leftists and supposed sympathizers, usually without charge or trial in a period of just a few weeks.
    Source: Fox News [7th Jul 2008]
  • Tony Blair details role of his faith - Breaking his silence on the topic, the former British prime minister says his belief in God has been an essential backdrop in his public life.
    Source: LA Times [30th Apr 2008]
  • Harry, you're not normal, you're a prince. And this is war, not therapy - What the cringe-making Afghanistan stunt has shown us is that royal lives are still worth more than off-brand ones
    Source: The Guardian [2nd Mar 2008]
  • Slim chance for Harry's secret war in web age - Harry Windsor and 'Terry Taliban'? There is only one reality, alas, and it has no relation to anything the Ministry of Defence, Clarence House, Fleet Street or the assembled might of British broadcasting believes.
    Source: The Guardian [2nd Mar 2008]
  • How Labour used the law to keep criticism of Israel secret - The full extent of government anxiety about the state of British-Israel relations can be exposed for the first time today in a secret document seen by the Guardian. The document reveals how the Foreign Office successfully fought to keep secret any mention of Israel contained on the first draft of the controversial, now discredited Iraq weapons dossier. At the heart of it was nervousness at the top of government about any mention of Israel's nuclear arsenal in an official paper accusing Iraq of flouting the UN's authority on weapons of mass destruction.
    Source: The Guardian [21st Feb 2008]
  • BAE: secret papers reveal threats from Saudi prince - Saudi Arabia's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted, according to court documents revealed yesterday.
    Source: The Guardian [15th Feb 2008]
  • Hostage Situation at Clinton Office - A man who claimed he had a bomb strapped to his body walked into a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, N.H., initially taking four hostages, law enforcement sources said.
    Source: ABC News Rapid Report [30th Nov 2007]
  • March Monday 8 October: All Troops Out Now Our Right to Protest Assemble 1pm Trafalgar Square For Rally - Why you should join us: "The authority for this march derives from our ancient right to free speech and assembly enshrined in our history. It is only fair to tell you that the march will go ahead, in any case, and I will be among those marching." Tony Benn , in letter to the Home Secretary
    Source: Stop the War Coalition [7th Oct 2007]
  • Brown's vision: A British one-party state - Gordon Brown yesterday began his premiership in earnest, revealing a design to elevate himself above party politics to the head of a virtual one-party state, a unifying figure pledged to bind together and lead the British people.
    Source: The Scotsman [25th Sep 2007]
  • NEOCONSERVATISM: Origins, the Role in US Foreign Policy, and the Middle East - Questions concerning neoconservatism have gained prominence especially after the US invasion of Iraq. This is because one of the determining causes of Iraqi invasion was the policy recommendations that the neoconservative advisors made to the US president George W. Bush. The neoconservatives, often called as neocons, are recognized with their influence on U.S. foreign policy, particularly under Ronald Reagan (1981 - 1989) and now George W. Bush (2001 - continues) administrations.
    Source: [12th Sep 2007]
  • U.S. to Restore Diplomatic Ties With Libya - The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Libya and remove it from a list of terrorism sponsors, the Bush administration said Monday, rewarding Moammar Gadhafi's government for renouncing weapons of mass destruction and cooperating in the hunt for terrorists.
    Source: The Washington Post (16th May 2006)
  • Top White House posts go to Jews - After appointing Joshua Bolten to be the White House chief of staff, US President George W. Bush nominated another Jewish staffer, Joel Kaplan, to serve as Bolten's deputy, putting him in charge of the daily policy planning.
    Source: The Jerusalem Post (25th Apr 2006)
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