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to replace captions with image filename/number or have no captions added (even though you can still edit them for possible future addition).


Drag and drop positioning
'Drag and Drop' re-arrangement of images.

By default images are displayed in the order they appear in the filer display (alphabetical). However, this may not always be the desired order you wish to display images in the final gallery. A simple 'drag and drop' interface exists so that you can drag small thumbnails around in order to move their positions.

If you drag an image, it will swap with the image in the position you 'drop' it. Alternatively, you can hold SHIFT down and drag an image. It will then get inserted in the position you drop it and all inbetween images will be shifted backwards or forwards, which makes rapid repositioning of images possible.


Batch Conversions
Use as a simple ChangeFSI 'Batch Converter'

By enabling the 'Convert images only. No web output' option in the Files panel, WebGallery will disable irrelevant panels for simplicity and act as a simple batch converter for ChangeFSI. Simply drag a directory of source images, a directory for the destination images, set the final image size and the ChangeFSI options you require, then leave WebGallery to do all the conversions.

Advantages are automatic coping of landscape/portrait sizes of images and allowing long pathnames for source and destination directories (unlike some batch converter utilities).



There are a number of known limitations, which will be listed here. These are not bugs but moreover design limitations.

Known Bugs

WebGallery is a very complex application which allows possibly 1000s of different permutations of options, depending upon which things you've turned on or off.
Although it's designed to be simple and take the pain out of creating web sites manually, it's always possible that it may get confused and create unexpected output. If this happens, please try to remember the exact sequence of events that you did prior to it going wrong.

It's possible that if WebGallery crashes whilst processing images, some files may be left open. You can close any open files by using my !CloseFiles utility, available free from
Again, please report any files being left open.

To Do List


  · Pic_Indexby John Williams
An application for automating the process of making a thumbnail index for a set of JPEGs which could be used on websites or CD Roms to store and index photographic images.
  · Webgen2by Dave Stratford
A similar application for generating galleries from directories of indexes, but with slightly fewer configuration options.

More RISC OS software can be found at


Click here to view a detailed history of WebGallery versions.

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