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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of WebGallery, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.17 (26th Nov 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Amended icon drag routine so that the bounding box is the mouse pointer and
           not the icon edge.
        b) Bug fix: Correctly rename cache/thumbnail sprites with ROOL versions of ChangeFSI.
 v1.16 (3rd Sep 2008)
        a) Bug fix: When importing captions, allow drag and drop onto fifth icon of captions.
        b) Bug fix: Changed importing of images to allow with similar filepaths to source images
           (previously disallowed INSTR(importdir,sourcedir), IF in PROCimportimage)
        c) Bug fix: Don't create 'i' directory when converting images only (no web output)
        d) Bug fix: If no web output is enabled, don't save last thumbnail details with profile.
        e) Bug fix: Correctly re-update caption at end of processing.
        f) Added 'special case' batchfsi profile for batch ChangeFSI conversions.
           (name defined as 'bfsi' in messages file)
        g) Added text file encouraging feedback for unregistered versions.
 v1.15 (29th Jun 2008)
        a) Added hotkey support for changing panels (function keys 1-10)
        b) Bug fix: Avoided memory allocation error when changing profiles after re-arranging
           thumbnail images in the captions window.
        c) Added check for updates/website links to 'Info' window.
        d) Added additional mode information to processing window, so 'Force overwrite' status
           is also shown.
        e) Added -MAX- tag to inset total number of images.
        f) Added approx. page width calculation to (top right) of 'Thumbnails' panel.
        g) Added option to enable/disable links to W3C validators in 'General' panel.
        h) Bug fix: Corrected incorrect thumbnail scaling factors when extracting EXIF data
           from original images (to compensate for different cameras using a different aspect
           ratio between fullsize image and EXIF thumbnail)
        i) Changed default ChangeFSI JPEG quality to 75% (from 60%)
        j) Added a couple of new icon designs to the navigation icons in the 'Page text' panel.
        k) Bug fix: Correctly open rearrangement window if ChangeFSI options have been changed
           (ie. enabling sharpening etc)
        l) Added search routine to caption panel. WebGallery will search for filenames or
           caption text if you enter it within quotes in the number icon at the top.
        m) Bug fix: Correctly put number of images across page in rearrangement window, if the
           number of images per row has changed (in the thumbnails window).
        n) In the case of duplicate filenames when importing extra images, give the filename as
           part of the error message.
        o) Added additional debugging information to help track down potential problems.
        p) Added fifth line to quotes fields.
        q) Added ChangeFSI filepath to ChangeFSI panel, so you can see which ChangeFSI is in use
        r) Updated interactive help text for new options.
        s) Reworded 'Mode' wording in processing window to make it a bit clearer.
 v1.14 (12th Apr 2008)
        a) Major update: Added preliminary caching of thumbnails to speed up processing.
        b) Bug fix: Stopped rearrangement window toolbar jumping to front if another window is
           overlapping rearrangement window and toolbar is dragged.
        c) Bug fix: Issue error messages if there would be too many output files for the number
           of digits set in the leafname.
        d) Reset all settings prior to loading a new profile. This will ensure that when
           changing profiles any 'new' features will be reset to defaults, rather than previous
 v1.13 (10th Apr 2008) *Not publicly released*
        a) Major update: Added facility to use PNG or GIF images for index/next/prev icons.
 v1.12 (8th Apr 2008)
        a) Made drags to destination output automatically detect the parent directory if you
           drag a file to the icon.
        b) Added option to enable/disable WebGallery advertising on individual gallery pages.
        c) Added automatic slideshow option (under Page text panel)
        d) Made frames (in Thumbnails panel) mutually exclusive with web templating system.
        e) Amended 'Show filenames' and 'Show image size' to work with web templating system.
        f) Made W3C menu options grey out if the relevant icon is turned off.
        g) Grey out WebGallery advert options if web templates are in use.
        h) Added email and web link buttons to 'Info' window.
 v1.11 (4th Apr 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Improved error handling for invalid or renamed source directories.
        b) Bug fix: Ensured that all window panes close correctly if an error occurs (see a).
        c) Bug fix: Reset default settings.        
 v1.10 (30th Mar 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Prevented 'memory can't be moved' errors occurring when rearrangement
           window open and a source image is deleted.
        b) Bug fix: Correctly save/restore ChangeFSI 'Gamma' value, due to rounding error.
        c) Bug fix: Correctly update background and icon set images when changing profile.
        d) Bug fix: Correctly output 'Index' icon when creating gallery.
        e) Bug fix: Correctly interpret -FIL- as image filename in web templating system.
 v1.09 (12th Nov 2007)
        a) Add feature: Open output directory automatically after processing images.
        b) Bug fix: Improved caret handling so that it's not removed from non WebGallery windows
           when processing images. Also, the position is restored when navigating through
        c) Tidied demo code so that 'Frame' settings are correctly saved within profiles when
           in demo mode.
        d) Added some more preset image sizes (128x95, 200x150,320x240 and 520x352)
        e) Updated some of the interactive !Help text to correct a couple of typos and also 
           describe new features.
 v1.08 (30th Oct 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Main window correctly jumps to the front if obscured by another window and
           you click on the iconbar icon.
        b) Bug fix: Amended scaling factor of rotated thumbnails so that tall 'portrait' mode
           ones are a better ratio next to 'landscape' ones. Made formula 0.1 greater than the
           reciprocal of width/height ratio.
 v1.07 (5th Sep 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Ensure that all parameters are saved correctly when you create a new
        b) Changed meaning of some tags; -FFF- is now custom and filename is now -FIL-
        c) Added new tag -PAG- to insert HTML filename (minus the .html)
        d) Changed operation of captions so that <br> tag is only inserted if the previous line
           is not blank.
        e) Suppressed caption font size if it's equal to 3, as this is the default base size
        f) Added <p>...</p> tags around captions, only IF web templates are NOT being used.
        g) Bug fix: Don't output any <div>...</div> tags when there is no caption to add.
 v1.06 (10th Jul 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Save positions in rearrangement window if images have been moved around and
           new images are imported.
 v1.05 (30th May 2007)
        a) Major bug fix: Extended menu buffers to cope with maximum number of menu options from
           directory entries (profiles and web templates menus).
        b) Added facility to delete images.
        c) Bug fix: Doing anything that can affect the position of images now correctly resets
           the 'rearrange images' flag.
        d) Added auto-scroll to rearrangement window if you drag an image to the top or bottom
           of the window.
 v1.04 (6th May 2007)
        a) Added ^ icons to file panel, to open relevant directories.
        b) Added import image by dragging images to the 'Captions' panel (as well as the
           re-arrangement window).
        c) Upgraded drag and drop import to allow dragging from other apps via Wimp$Scrap so you
           can now import images direct from emails.
        d) Allowed drag and drop to captions window in order to add images to the source. This
           previously only worked in the re-arrangement window.
        e) Added error message if duplicate filename exists when importing an extra image into
           the source directory.
        f) Added support for Search engine control, such as no archive and no cache.
        g) Added no-cache option.
        h) Updated interactive !Help for recently added features.
        i) Bug fix: -XXX- tags now correctly decoded if they follow a non -tag- character in web
        j) Removed some of the restrictions in the demo version.
        k) Allowed Frame controls to work with web templating enabled.
        l) Made source directory non-writable, to force people to drag source images.
        m) Added leafname of current image to preview icon in caption window.
        n) Bug fix: Prevented current caption being cleared after re-arranging images.
        o) Added 'Force overwrite' to Files panel and changed default operation to not
           overwriting existing image files. This dramatically reduces processing time because
           images are only re-processed if not already present in the destination directory, or
           if 'Force overwrite' is turned on.
        p) Speeded up rendering of preview icons slightly by turning off all non processing
           intensive ChangeFSI options when generating on-screen preview images.
        q) Added 'Fast' mode to ChangeFSI options, which changes into Mode 0 for faster JPEG
           processing (pretty useless option, because it waits for a key press/mouse click
           in-between each image!)
        r) Bug fix: Update thumbnail image in caption panel if position moves due to
           rearranging images.
        s) Improved error checking for coping with unintended user operations, such as deleting
           the 'dirlisting' file.
        t) Amended quit routine to not ask for confirmation if you've opened the captions panel
           but not changed anything.
        u) Made clicking on the 'Convert images only' (files panel) option toggle off
           non-relevant panels (for simplicity and to reduce confusion).
 v1.03 (6th Jan 2007)
        a) Amended template to remind SHIFT action on dragging source images.
        b) Added 'Open log' button to profiles panel.
        c) Improved logging for errors on merging images with arrangement window.
        d) Bug fix: Rearrangement window closes without warning when you click 'Cancel' if
           you've not moved anything.
        e) Made Cancel/OK buttons in re-arrangement window into a toolbar so that they're always
           visible, irrespective of scroll position.
        f) Added warning triangle image to warning window.
        g) Added button to Captions panel to open original source image in your favourite image
        h) Amended templates slightly to prevent invalid keypresses being entered in the wrong
        i) Bug fix: Compensated for maximum image size correctly when output images are rotated.
 v1.02 (23rd Dec 2006)
        a) Bug fix: Won't tell you you haven't saved data when trying to quit after clicking on
           the 'Save' button in the Profiles panel.
        b) Improved rotation icons in Captions panel slightly.
        c) Amended Prev/Next buttons in Captions panel to reverse action on Adjust click.
 v1.01 (11th Dec 2006)
        a) Added ability to rotate each image (click on icon in captions panel)
 v1.00 (9th Dec 2006)
        a) Bug fix: Opening choices directory (^ icon in General panel) now correctly opens the
           correct directory, rather than always opening the choices in !Boot.

 v0.15 (7th Dec 2006) BETA 6 - First public release!
        a) Bug fix: Amended sprite name in warning window so that WebGallery icon correctly
        b) Added two extra sizes to list of preset image sizes in 'Files' panel.
        c) Amended Max image size label in 'File' panel to read 'Max final image size' for
           additional clarity.
        d) Amended default final image size to be 520x390.
        e) Added confirmation warning when closing rearrangement window.
        f) Removed 'close' icon from rearrangement window.
        g) Wrote tutorial to go through a worked example of Tricia Garner's Orchid gallery,
           highlighting the differences between the standard output and that using a web
        h) Changed the -FFF- template tag to -GGG- (to allow for below).
        i) Added a new -FFF- web template tag to substitute the filename of the current image
           (stripped of any filetype suffix).
        j) Added new -III- web template tag to substitute the number of the current index page.
        k) Added a display of the current background number in the 'web output' panel.
        l) Added button to open templates directory (^ underneath template name)
 v0.14 (6th Dec 2006) BETA 5
        a) Added new feature - Set background colour, if no image.
        b) Changed application name to !WbGallery to make it conform to 10 character filenames.
        c) Created small filer sprite.
        d) Bug fix: No longer re-generates the dirlisting file when you click on the 'captions'
           button, overwriting any previous image re-positioning.
        e) Increased wimpslot to 512k
        f) Bug fix: No longer erases last caption when changing profile.
        g) Added 'Created by WebGallery' advertising icon.
 v0.13 (30th Nov 2006) BETA 4
        a) Added JPEG repair routines, to fix JPEG images which don't start with the correct
        b) Added a space after the © symbol.
        c) Tweaked code to detect image sizes slightly. This should allow WebGallery to detect
           some JPEG images which had rogue image sizes in them.
        d) Added new feature: Holding SHIFT down when dragging a directory of images will
           preserve any previous 'dirlisting' which will keep any rearrangement of images you
           may have made.
           (doing a normal drag will re-generate a new listing in filer order)
        e) Tidied up some of the initial directory listing generation code so that captions are
           displayed correctly on initial loading.
        f) Added debug mode for future diagnostic tests and bug finding.
 v0.12 (23rd Nov 2006) BETA 3
        a) Bug fix: Expanded shortcuts in interactive help text to work on all versions of RISC
        b) Made 'Select click' options go in the reverse way if Adjust is clicked. Thanks to
           Steve Revill for spotting this.
        c) Stopped background and iconset selectors from auto-repeating.
           Thanks to Steve Revill for suggesting this.
        d) Implemented DragASprite for drag operations. Thanks again to Steve Revill for
           suggesting this.
        e) Bug fix: Disabled borders around W3C validation icons
        f) Bug fix: iconbar icon correctly initiated when registering (or not) for the first
        g) Added some more iconsets, plus made existing ones correctly have transparent
        h) Added support for interactive help on menus.
        i) Bug fix: Correctly grey out the image page border icons when frames are disabled.
        j) Improved handling of JPEG images to avoid occasional 'end of file' error when
           scanning image size.
        k) Improved error handling of corrupt source files, which should avoid files being left
           open if a duff image is encountered whilst processing.
 v0.11 (21st Nov 2006) BETA 2
        a) Added LED status warning to captions window, to alert the user if anything
           potentially suppressing 'caption' output is set.
           Click on the LED to go to the offending panel to rectify.
        b) Bug fix: Copy master default profile, if no default profile is found in profiles
        c) Made default destination directory leafname configurable in Messages file (misc17).
        d) Added 'Help' button to 'General' panel - which will launch the !Help file.
        e) Added quotes around ChangeFSI filename parameters, to improve handling of filenames
           with spaces in them.
        f) Increased wimpslot to 464k.
        g) Changed background colour of first caption line, to distinguish between thumbnail
           caption and full caption.
        h) Added ability to import captions (drag a text file to captions window). Also added
           'Edit' button to load current caption into a text editor.
        i) Added check for presence !ChangeFSI in !Run file.
        j) Only generate thumbnail when you click on the 'Captions' panel, not when you drag a
           directory of images.
        k) Removed ability to drag source files into 'Captions' panel. This confused matters, so
           the only way to set the source directory is via the 'Files' panel.
        m) Added extra option to 'Page text' panel to toggle copyright symbol (©) on or
           off. If on (dark), the copyright text will be preceded by ©
        n) Tidied 'reset profile' code a bit, so more things are reset to the default (such as
           page text)
        o) Bug fix: Correctly detects/sets Alias$ChangeFSI so that the 'changefsi not found'
           error shouldn't occur. Some people were seeing this due to a missing line from
           ChangeFSI's !Boot file in some versions of ChangeFSI.
        p) Split output into sub-directories for clarity.
        q) Bug fix: Correctly read navigation icon sizes for multiple index links.
 v0.10 (17th Nov 2006) BETA 1
        First beta version - should be all working ok though.

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