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Many people believe that the education system in Western countries such as the USA and UK has been heading downhill for several years. With politically correct policies such as awarding 'stupid' children with bonus marks so that they don't feel bad or insecure and increasing techniques aimed at conditioning children to accept biometric ID systems such as fingerprint scanners, we're in danger of manipulating future generations into 'obedient drones'. We must oppose these draconian measures.

News from around the world
  • School Children Complain Of "Obama Worship" During Lessons - Giant images of president projected onto classroom walls disturb kids, parents - Several disturbing stories have come to our attention over the past weeks and days that further highlight how sections of the American population have elevated Barack Obama to a dangerously inflated "messianic" status normally only associated with Royalty or totalitarian leaders.
    Source: Info Wars [28th Jan 2009]
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