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Secret Societies

Many people believe that the world is controlled by a secret 'elite' who organise and orchestrate most banking, oil control, government and agendas around the world. Evidence for the existence of this 'elite' has been available for several years to those who dig for it, but now it's becoming increasingly obvious to "the man in the street" that something is going on. A secret cabal of people are controlling world leaders, world currency and world events. Who, in 2005, seriously believes that G.W.Bush and Tony Blair are in control of their government's agendas?

What is more surprising (or less so, depending upon how long you've been researching) is that most of these, so-called 'leaders', have been specially chosen and put forward for their positions of power. Who gets chosen? Well, you can start by being invited to join a number of ancient 'secret societies'. Many readers will have heard of groups such as the Freemasons, but how many have heard of The Bilderberg Group, the Scull and Bones society, the Book & Snake, The Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission? The list goes on.

Via some of the links and articles on this page, we hope to provide the reader with informed background information and evidence to support the claim that the 'elite' are trying to manipulate world events in order to manoeuvrer in a "New World Order" of state control and loss of personal freedom.

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I guess technically the Neo Cons aren't a secret society, simply because they don't keep themselves secret. Indeed, they seem to positively thrive on publicity and power.

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A group of around 300 of the world's 'elite' businessmen, world leaders and 'puppetmasters'. Formed in 1954 (and named after the hotel where they first met), they meet in secret each year where they allegedly decide what will happen in the world in the future. Most Western world leaders are chosen by, or from, Bilderberg members.

The Bilderberg Group now has its own page here.

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