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It has long been rumoured that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine caused bowel disease and autism. The government and health authorities would rather suppress the evidence than allow people to freely examine what dangers actually exist.

This section aims to store links and information relevant to uncovering the real truth behind the MMR vaccine dangers.

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  • MMR doctor allegedly 'broke medical rules' - Children were subjected to invasive and inappropriate tests by doctors breaking fundamental rules as they researched the MMR vaccine, a hearing was told.
    Source: BBC News (17th Jul 2007)
  • Dangers of MMR Jab 'Covered Up' - Health officials were yesterday accused of covering up serious risks linked with the controversial MMR jab before it was introduced.
    According to a secret dossier, five cases were reported of potentially deadly brain inflammation following the use of MMR in Canada before it became part of standard childhood vaccinations in Britain.
    Source: Daily Express (15th Jul 2007)
  • Families defend anti-MMR doctor against 'witch-hunt' - Families of children suffering from autism last night accused the medical establishment of conducting "a witch-hunt" against the doctor who first raised fears of a link between the condition and the MMR vaccine.
    Source: The Telegraph (21st Feb 2004)
Third Party Websites
  • MMR vaccination - eightfold autism risk - A re-run of the 2002 Danish MMR vaccination - autism study, but this time also including children aged five and over, rather than cutting off at four years old, found that the Danish autism rate had in fact risen eightfold over the period since the introduction of the MMR vaccination.
  • Babies Die after MMR - Every day that government health officials lie to the people about vaccine risks is one more day that the public loses a little more trust in what they are told by government. Do public health authorities and pediatricians really think that mothers and fathers are going to passively accept the brain damaging and killing of their children with unsafe vaccines?
  • Gambling with Rubella Vaccine - by Janine Roberts
  • Vaccine linked to autism? - New report points to dangers of MMR immunization by Julie Foster,
  • MMR Vaccine - A very comprehensive set of links to documented dangers of the MMR vaccine.
  • MMR Vaccine Dangers - Autism - An analysis by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock BSc.
  • MMR The Facts - NHS Immunisation Information