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 Miscellaneous HAARP discussions on Usenet (March 2003) 

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The HAARP like extension of the Gakona, Alaska RAYTHEON-DoD microwave beam warfare array of antennas is allegedly built also in the outskirts of Sao Paolo, Brasil, ditto, by Raytheon.

The MOAB Bomb [tested in Florida recently] is yet another abortion and boondoggle of tax monies perpetrated by an inept Pentagon, much like the ninnies who destroyed Lot and his wife's city on the hill, one of the finest cultures and cities and communities at that time on earth [read the Bible and archaelogical historians accounts]. Similar weapons were used against dearest Lot in his day. The Earth was transformed into insidious salt.

We can thank Huntsville, Alabama, home of the Marshall NASA center and scores of military defense electronic warfare "small businesses" that get swell tax breaks and waivers as "small businesses".

CAMBER, Dynetics [makers of the new "biggest bomb" in USA arsenal, fathers and founders of peace on earth], and AMS [Aviation & Missle Solutions], all three related by ownership, invite you to Huntsville, AL, and to the fireworks display forthcoming in Iraq, ... "we are what makes the U.S. a democracy!"

18:08 2003-03-13
HAARP Poses Global Threat

"The use of the new geophysical weapon might lead to the global Catastrophe"

A lot of specialists and scientists believe that unpredictable natural disasters and several man-caused catastrophes that struck Europe and Asia in the summer of the year 2002 say that there might be certain global reasons that caused them all. First and foremost, it goes about a possibility of secret geophysical weapon tests. Those tests were either secret or unauthorized. The Russian Federation State Duma spent almost a year, considering the global threat of the HAARP program. The Duma finally prepared two addresses: to President Putin and to the UN, international organizations, parliaments and governments of all countries, to the scientific community of the world, as well as to mass media. The Russian parliament suggested the global banning of HAARP tests. In September of the year 2002 the State Duma of Russia discussed this question and conducted the voting in order to send the mentioned addresses to the adequate addressees. One hundred and eighty-eight deputies voted for the address to President Vladimir Putin, whereas the same subject for the UN returned 220 votes. This proved that Russian parliamentarians were rather concerned about the development and possible use of geophysical weapons.

It is well known that the USA and the USSR concluded an agreement at the end of the 1970s. Pursuant to the agreement, scientific developments in the field of geophysics for military purposes were banned. All the works in the field became secret too. However, the works continued anyway, despite the signed document. It was simply conducted under the disguise of the scientific research or the development of the double-purpose technology. The point and the purpose of those developments were rather vague and even mysterious.

A lot of specialists and scientists believe that a special American program HAARP is one of those developments. American scientist Bernard Eastlund is considered to be the godfather of this program. He received the patent for the method and for the device to measure the layers of the Earth atmosphere, the ionosphere and/or the magnetosphere. It is an open secret that the USA (probably, not the USA alone) has already constructed high-frequency transmitter facilities. Those devices can heat the earth environment up to the state of plasma by means of pumping ions. This makes it possible to control the environment, which might show considerable influence on the atmospheric phenomena. The owners of this weapon are able to program floods, twisters and storms, even earthquakes in any region of the planet. It is also possible to paralyze civil and military electric surveillance systems, and even to affect the mentality of whole nations.

There is a suspicion that the unusual natural disasters and man-caused catastrophes of the year 2002, the unexplainable indifference of several nations on the post-Soviet territory might be linked to USAs tests of geophysical weapons of low capacities. However, neither American politicians and scientists, nor the world community know, if it is going to be possible to stop the work of the geophysical weapon, if it is used at its full capacity. This is the major problem. It is quite possible that the first full capacity use of the geophysical weapon might end up in a global catastrophe. Does it seem to be science fiction?

Not really, as a matter of fact.
High frequency transmitter facilities already exist. They are located in Norway and at an army base in Alaska. The short description of the program and some photographs can be found on the official site Another high power transmitter facility, a more powerful one, is going to be put into operation in Greenland soon. When this happens, the geophysical weapon will be capable of covering Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

The information on this subject appeared on several Ukrainian websites on September of 2002. In this connection, I think that the Ukrainian parliament must support the initiative of the Russian State Duma as well. The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences ought to consider the issue of HAARPs potential threat to Ukraine. Adequate institutions ought to collect all the information available and identify Ukraines stand on the subject. (HAARP Museum Association) wrote in a message;

RE: Remote Viewing facilities -- that use Microwave technology and implants and calibrated brain frequencies

Excuse moi. I made a few acronym mistakes, so i called my Uncle and stand corrected. The aforementioned "offices" do not train the personnel in the various DC and Beltway small agencies -- they merely EMPLOY the trained remote veiwers to work in their small organizations. Training locale is tip top secret and off site.

Intelsat [satellite consortium] does not start with an "A"; so your theory that i went through the phonebook is fallacious; you can add Medtap out in Bethesda, Maryland, to the list also.

My uncle wants to know how the old retired Admiral is doing at ASME K Street office, if he still has the photograph of the emerging submarine on his wall, and did he ever fully mentally recover from the comet that smashed into Greenland just a few years back, i.e., the airborne operations surrounding that clean up mission?


DC--Beltway IEEE

IEEE/Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Washington DC/Northern VA Chapter

Mobile robot localization by remote viewing of a colored cylinder - R. Volpe, T. Litwin, L. Matthies , Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Technol.,

ASME Nanotechonology


National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), the Federal government's investment in the future of nanotechnology

*Older FORUM on some notions accumulated over time concerning the NASA designation of "Kruetz" COMET.

1.These "Solar torpedoes" always seem to show up on the left or right position at 7:00 or 4:00 relative to the SOHO spacecraft.

2. Furthermore the torps are moving or receding away-forward from the plane of the spacecraft, as though they originate from somewhere BEHIND the craft (earth?)

3. I have on one occasion seen from STS-80 a plasma torpedo coming very distinctly up from earth, specifically from a region near Sao Paolo Brazil. It is most interesting to myself that Raytheon has a project base in Sao Paolo. Also now have a copy of STS-48, also showing plasma-entities arising from ground-earth. Somehow in the theory we need to accommodate these origin-earth events. These Torpedo-like, comet-like, Kruetz-like entities are in our face and won't go away.

4. Enter the HARPY: here we have a torpedo that does not get sucked in by the sun, it casts a tail unaffected by the solar winds, and ends up in orbit around earth, deemed now a moon. No, it is NOT Apollo space junk, a SHOP-spin that is so ridiculous that it is almost like someone is trying to tell us something...See J002E3

5. On a hunch I have asked Bearden [representative] if it is possible that a scalar event initiated on earth could trigger an event on the sun. Bearden affirms, and declares a great concern.

6. I have been informed by Skunkwork former employees that LM does indeed have some exotic solar projects ongoing, such as, quote:

"In 1997 a specific company based in Maryland compiled a program to shoot a nuclear warhead into the sun."

also quote:

"It is possible that, by torpedo launchings, somebody is activating CMEs artificially in order to impede the possibility of their propagation in our direction and to diminish their magnitude."

Some of these ideas I admit are pretty wild, but I must say at this time that the catch-all phrase, "Kruetz" comet is under continuing scrutiny. There might not only be projectiles fired into the sun, but more staggering there might be superpotential experiments, electrical-scalar, initiated on earth that skirt unhindered through space-time and create immense sparks in the running.

Tunguska Explosion Not Caused by Asteroid Scientists have long believed that the flattening of miles of trees in the remote Tunguska region of Siberia on June 30, 1908 was due to a asteroid impact with the power of a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. Now a Russian geologist thinks it was caused by a liquid jet that shot up from inside the Earth under high pressure.

Studies Find New Type of Black Hole WASHINGTON -- Astronomers say they have found a new type of black hole and now believe those mysterious celestial objects exist in a variety of sizes, from small to supermassive.

More Sci- Than Fi, Physicists Create Antimatter Physicists working in Europe announced yesterday that they had passed through nature's looking glass and had created atoms made of antimatter, or antiatoms, opening up the possibility of experiments in a realm once reserved for science fiction writers. Such experiments, theorists say, could test some of the basic tenets of modern physics and light the way to a deeper understanding of nature. (Rabbi Rocky MK Ultra) wrote in a message,

The HAARP weapons of mass destruction program was started in effect by Nicolas Tesla, the sneaky and snakey friend of Mark Twain [who was born on the day of Halley's Comet's flyby of many curious eyes on Earth, and who died the next time over 70 years later when Halley's Comet made its first reappearance since Mark Twain's birth. Mark Twain was a member of several world wide secret societies famous for taking eternal oaths.]

Then in 1958, the US Navy in their Project Argus exploded three fission and two hydrogen nuclear bombs in the van Allen radiation belt that is about 2000 miles above the earth's surface. In 1962 they supplemented this radiation with Project Starfish, and continued the legacy stretching from Mark Twain, Nicolas Tesla, the US Navy and foolish Huckle Finning with lethal radiation.

Members of this team hooked up with the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate later, and with ARCO, Atlantic Richfield Oil Company, and created the Eastlund Patents, for a HAARP device-complex that could deliver a nuclear-bomb like energy to anywhere on earth via a laser like beam and particle beams which were intended to bring geophysical warfare to a magnitude comparable to top shelf biochemical warfare.

After much assistance from former Nazis working within the Brookhaven National Lab near Stonybrook, ARCO oil sold the HAARP patents in 1994 to "E-Systems," the largest intelligence contractor for the CIA and for myriad defence intelligence organizations.

Both the Philadelphia Experiment, of Montauk and Plattsburgh, NY, and Aleister Crowley's interdimensional travel had toeholds into these research facilities and secret ops.

HAARP in Gakona Alaska is the most versatile and largest radio frequency radiation transmitter in the world!

The only way to truly measure the HAARP activities in the ionosphere, in producing its artificial "virtual mirrors" in the fragile sea up there of dense non-electrial [neutral] gases at about 100 miles above sea level, "virtual mirrors" that can deflect masers and grasers and laser and other beam and microwave weapons of mass destruction aimed at them from Earth or from a satellite, is with an Ultra High Frequency Incoherent Scatter Radar. You cannot find a UHFISR at Radio Shack, sorry.

TRW aerospace is involved in this technology [microwave super amplifiers], and Bell Labs, as is the MAFET and MIMIC programs of the ARPA Army Military program in DoD Advanced Research Projects Agency operations.

HAARP in Gakona Alaska can easily generate at minimum 1.7 GIGAWATTS [1 billion and 700 million watts] of power with its 300 interlinked and interconnected antennas.

A burst of the HAARP beam could easily destroy all electronics arrays and systems of a space vehicle or space shuttle or incoming missle in flight. It could also disrupt the earth's mantel via crustal ANISOTROPY [non-variant direction], especially in Peru and where there are other very vulnerable tectonic plates, deforming the homogeneous mantle material of the earth and producing great earthquakes and volcanoes worldwide [and even pinpointed against an enemy of the United States].

Rabbi Rocky