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 Bilderberg Meeting 1999 

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Global Citizens:

Recently, Bilderberg Member George Soros suggested a Marshall Plan for bombed-out Kosovo;

"Also, the Hungarian-born financier and philanthropist said European nations should prepare a post-war reconstruction and investment effort for Kosovo similar to the Marshall Plan of post-World War II Europe. ``We shouldn't be just reacting to developments,'' said Soros, adding that there should be a vision for a common market in the Balkans." (Friday, April 23, New York, Reuters, "Global financial crisis now over -- Soros")."

It is highly likely that Bilderberg Members Giovanni Agnelli and David Rockefeller would go along with the suggestion as they are Honorary Chairmen of the George C. Marshall Foundation ( ).

In 1995-1996, Bilderberg Members George Soros and Carl Bildt played a role in a crisis which established Bosnia as Muslim nation and sent off 150,000 Serbs as refugees; American troops were called in as peacekeepers.

Bilderberg Member George Soros' role in this latter crisis was described as:

"...In an unusual twist, multi-billionaire business tycoon George Soros participated in the International Support Group composed of the government of the Netherlands and the Basel-based Bank of International Settlements. The money provided by the Support Group, however, was not intended for "reconstruction" but rather to enable Skopje to pay back debt arrears owed the World Bank... [31]..." (from "Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonzing Bosnia"; by Michel Chossudovsky; ; 1996).

Bilderberg Member Carl Bildt's role in this latter crisis was described as:

"...Resting on the November 1995 Dayton accords, the US and the European Union have installed a full-fledged colonial administration in Bosnia. At its head is their appointed High Representative (HR) Mr. Carl Bildt, a former Swedish Prime Minister and European Representative in the Bosnian Peace negotatiations. The HR has full executive powers in all civilian matters, with the right to overrule the governments of both the Bosnian Federation and the Bosnian-Serb Republika Srpska. The HR is to act in close liaison with the IFOR Military High Command as well with donors agencies...." (from "Dismantling Former Yugoslavia, Recolonzing Bosnia"; by Michel Chossudovsky; ; 1996).

And recently, I suppose a similiar performance by Bilderberg Member Carl Bildt may be in order as: "Albright later had a meeting in Washington with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who Friday named former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt as a U.N. envoy on Kosovo." (Friday; May 7; 7:38 PM ET; U.S. Sends Envoy To Moscow On Kosovo Deal; By Jonathan Wright; WASHINGTON (Reuters)).

The Rambouillet Accords were formed from meetings of a secret "Contact Group". They were drafted between February 6 and 23, 1999: "The Contact Group, responsible for the talks at Rambouillet and Paris, had agreed to remain silent. The complete text was only recently published on the Internet site of the Albanian Kosova Crisis Center." (from "How the Balkan War was Prepared: Rambouillet Accord Foresaw the Occupation of All Yugoslavia"; by Peter Schwarz 14 April 1999). The web site for the Albanian Kosova Crisis Center is .

I am not aware of the composition of the "Contact Group" although the representatives were from the United States; Britian; France; Germany and Italy. In the "Interim Agreement for Peace and Self-Government in Kosovo" there were provisions for the entry of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):

"10. All abducted persons or other persons held without charge shall be released. The Parties shall also release and transfer in accordance with this Agreement all persons held in connection with the conflict. The Parties shall cooperate fully with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to facilitate its work in accordance with its mandate, including ensuring full access to all such persons, irrespective of their status, wherever they might be held, for visits in accordance with the ICRC's standard operating procedures." ( ).

The President of International Committee of the Red Cross is Bilderberg Member Mr. Cornelio Sommaruga (Switzerland) who has met with Milosevic:

"Sommaruga, who is Swiss, gave the soldiers [three captured American soldiers] letters from their relatives and handed them forms to write messages for their families. The ICRC president also met today with Milosevic to discuss the possible return of ethnic Albanian refugees to Kosovo, the state-run news agency Tanjug reported. Milosevic and Sommaruga had a ``very open discussion of the great humanitarian problems caused by the NATO bombardments on the people of Yugoslavia,'' Tanjug quoted Milosevic as saying. Milosevic was quoted as saying that he will not discuss the return of refugees while airstrikes continue. More than 600,000 ethnic Albanians have been driven from their homes by Serb forces or fled fighting." (from Monday; April 26; 12:21 PM ET; "Red Cross Visits Captured Soldiers"; Katarina Kratovac; Associated Press Writer; Belgrade, Yugoslavia (AP)).

So, is Mr. Cornelio Sommaruga going to report the results of this meeting with Milosevic to the Bilderberg Club at their secret meeting in Portugal: "The News [a Portugese News Agency] - contacted the Caesar Park Penha Longa resort in Sintra to verify the information that the secret meeting will be held at their resort." (from The Hoffman Wire; May 6, 1999; posted at: ).

The 'global' citizen, if there is such an entity, is not at all privy to the discussions on globalization by the Bilderberg Club. I have generated a list of Bilderberg Members from a letter sent to them by CEO Yehoshua Yaacov Ben-Avraham form the web site of the International Planning Corporation which has been "suspended" and is no longer available for public scrutiny ( At this site was the letter to the Bilderberg Group and the list of their membership: which will give a "File Not Found" as will all documents rooted with

So far, I have been able to characterize the Bilderbergs as: (1) Bilderbergs who meet secretly with other Bilderbergs; (2) Bilderbergs who agree with other Bilderbergs to black-out media coverage; (3) Bilderbergs who have received a letter from Yehoshua Yaacov Ben-Avraham and (4) Bilderbergs who do not list their affiliation with the Bilderberg Group in their curriculum vitae.

One such Bilderberg Member is Mr. Martti Ahtisaari; President of the Republic of Finland. Mr. Ahtisaari is a member of the Europeon Council. A FAQ site on the European Union defines the European Council as:

"The European Council was formally established in 1974, building on the practice of holding Summits of EC Heads of Government, but its existence was only legally recognized in the Single European Act of 1987. The European Council is a special meeting of the Council of Ministers, in which the representatives of the Member States are the political heads of government themselves (13 PMs and the Presidents of France and Finland, plus their PMs if in a situation of +cohabitation;). The Foreign Ministers and three members of the Commission, including its President, also participate. The European Council should not be confused with the Council of Europe,[5] which is a totally separate international organisation independent of the EU." (from "European Union Basics (FAQ), Part5/8";

So, Martti Ahtisaari meets secretly twice - as a member of the Europeon Council and as a member of the Bilderberg Group. His curriculum vitae says that: "From the beginning of September 1992 until 15 April 1993 Mr Ahtisaari was Chairman of the Bosnia-Hercegovina Working Group of the International Conference on the former Yugoslavia. Beginning 1 July 1993, for a period of four months, Mr Ahtisaari served as Special Adviser to the International Conference on Former Yugoslavia and to the UN Secretary General's Special Representative for former Yugoslavia." ( ). However, he omits his Bilderberg Club affiliation as perhaps a misrepresentation by omission to the Finnish people in their election process.

Other recent, representative questions with regard to the Bilderberg Club are listed:

(1) the resignation of Bilderberg Member Mr. Mario Monti (Commissioner, European Communities; "EU Tax Commissioner") from the European Union along with 19 others on March 16, 1999;

(2) the failure of Bilderberg Member Richard Holbrooke in his role as envoy to the Balkans leaving Russia with the means to dictate the diplomatic outcome of the Kosovo crisis: "the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should examine not only possible conflict-of-interest concerns among unpaid senior diplomats who pursue private business interests, but also the policy consequences of Clinton's heavy dependence on part-time envoys to conduct major foreign policy initiatives." (from "Part-Time Envoys Can't Cure Full-Time Conflicts"; by Philip L. Christenson; Sunday; March 28, 1999; Page B05; The Washington Post Company). Does Richard Holbrooke report negotiation policies with regard to Eastern Europe to the Bilderberg Group at their secret meetings?

(3) the role of Bilderberg Member World Bank President James Wolfensohn who "planned to meet with President Boris Yeltsin, Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, and other officials, according to the ITAR-Tass news agency. Wolfensohn intended to review Russia's efforts to restructure the industrial sector, establish a social safety net, reform the coal industry and fulfill other projects agreed upon with the Bank, ITAR-Tass said. Moscow hopes to obtain $1.85 billion in World Bank loans to carry out various structural reforms. The loans were part of a $22.6 billion international bailout package frozen in August when the Russian government defaulted on some debts and devalued the ruble in response to turmoil in world markets." (from: "World Bank chief in Moscow to iron out loan plans"; by Nick Wadhams; Moscow; April 14, 1999; 11:56 a.m. EDT; ). Does James Wolfensohn report IMF lending policy to the Bilderberg Group at their secret meetings?

The countdown to the secret Bilderberg Meeting in Portugal will, without question, proceed without any input from or invitation to the 'global' citizenry. I am quite certain that the three Bilderberg Club Members from Portugal; Mr. Francisco Balsemao; Ms. Margarida Marante; and Mr. Antonio Vitorino; will NOT come forth with the suggestion that the Bilderberg Club open its meeting to the public; that they will NOT come forth the suggestion that the Bilderberg Club reveal their agenda for open political discussion and critique; that they will NOT come forth and suddenly choose to show their affiliations with the Bilderberg Club in their curriculum vitaes; and that they will NOT reactivate the Internet site for the International Planning Corporation with its all previous contents at

Dear Global Citizens (if there are such Persons) - I once again present the Bilderberg Club as they are becoming increasingly visible in role and intent and without accountability in Europe:

"All letters sent to:
c/o Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216 1017 AJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mr. Giovanni Agnelli (Italy)
Honorary Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.

Mr. Martti Ahtisaari (Finland)
President of the Republic of Finland

Mr. Paul A. Allaire (USA)
Chairman, Xerox Corporation

Mr. Dwayne Andreas (USA)
Chairman, Archer-Daniels-Midland Company

Mr. Anders Aslund (Sweden)
Senior Accociate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Mr. Lloyd Axworthy (Canada)
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Francisco Balsemao (Portugal)
Pinto Professor of Communication Science, New University, Lisbon;
Chairman, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister

Mr. Percy Barnevik (Sweden)
President and Chief Executive Officer, ABB Asca Brown Boveri Ltd.

Mr. Lloyd M. Bentsen (USA)
Former Secretary of the Treasury;
Partner, Verner Liipferi Bernhard McPherson and Hand, Chartered

Mr. Frasco Bernabe (Italy)
Managing Director and CEO, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi

Mr. Christoph Bertram (Germany)
Diplomatic Correspondent, Die Zeit;
Former Director International Institute for Strategic Studies

Mr. Selahaltin Beyazit (Turkey)
Director of Companies

Mr. Carl Bildt (International)
The High Representative

Mr. Conrad M. Black (Canada)
Chairman, The Telegraph plc

Mr. Frits Bolkenstein (Netherlands)
Parleamentary Leader VVD (Liberal Party)

Mr. Piefer P. Bottelier (International)
Chief of Mission, The World Bank, Resident Mission in China

Mr. John H. Bryan (USA)
Chairman and CEO, Sara Lee Corporation

Mr. William F. Buckley, Jr. (USA)
Editor-at-Large, National Review

Mr. Costa Carras (Great Britain)
Director of Companies

Mr. Peter Carrington (Great Britain)
Former Chairman of the Board, Christie's International plc

Mr. Ulrich Cartellieri (Germany)
Member of the Board, Deutsche Bank, A.G.

Mr. Jaime Carvajal Urquijo (Spain)
Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento

Mr. Jean Chretien (Canada)
Prime Minister

Mr. Bertrand Collomb (France)
Chairman and CEO, Lafarge

Mr. Jon S. Corzine (USA)
Senior Partner and Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Mr. Flavio Cotti (Switzerland)
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Kenneth W. Dam (USA)
Max Pam Professor of American and Foreign Law, The University of Chicago Law School

Mr. George David (Great Britain)
Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Company S.A.

Mr. Etienne Davignon (Belgium)
Executive Chairman, Societe Generale de Belgique;
Former Vice Chairman of the Commission of the European Communities

Ms. Marie-Josee Drouin (Canada)
Executive Director, Hudson Institute of Canada

Mr. Fredrik S. Eaton (Canada)
Chairman, Executive Committee, Eaton's of Canada

Mr. Uffe Ellemann-Jensen (Denmark)
Member of Parliament

Mr. Gazi Ercel (Turkey)
Governor, Central Bank of Turkey

Mr. Martin S. Feldstein (USA)
President, National Bureau of Economic Research

Mr. Stanley Fischer (International)
First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Mr. A.L. Flood (Canada)
Chairman, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Mr. Chas. W. Freeman, Jr. (USA)
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security;
Chairman of the Board, Projects International Associates, Inc.

Mr. Timothy Garton Ash (Great Britain)
Fellow of St. Antony's College, Oxford

Mr. Paul Gigot (USA)
Washington Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Mr. Emre Gonensay (Turkey)
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Allan E. Gotlieb (Canada)
Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Mr. Anthony G.S. Griffin (Canada)
Honorary Chairman and Director, Guardian Group

Mr. Victor Halberstadt (Netherlands)
Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University Honorary Secretary General for U.S.A.

Mr. Michael Harris (Canada)
Premier of Ontarion

Mr. Helmut Haussmann (Germany)
Member of Parliament, Free Democratic Party

Her Majesty the Queen (Spain)

Her Majesty the Queen (Netherlands)

Mr. Westye Hoegh (Norway)
Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh & Co. A.S.A.;
Former President, Norwegian Shipowners' Association

Mr. Richard Holbrooke (USA)
Former Assistant Secretary for European Affairs

Mr. Jan Huyghebaert (Belgium)
Chairman, Almanij-Krediet-bank Group

Mr. Jaakko Iloniemi (Finland)
Managing Director, Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies;
Former Ambassador to the United States of America

Mr. Peter Job (Great Britain)
Chief Executive, Reuters Holding PLC

Mr. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. (USA)
Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld

Mr. Lionel Jospin (France)
Prime Minister; Former Ministre d'Etat

Mr. Dietrich Karner (Austria)
Chairman of the Managing Board, Erste Allgemeine-Generali Aktiengelsellshaft

Mr. Henry R. Kissinger (USA)
Former Secretary of State;
Chairman, Kissinger Associates; Inc.

Mr. Andrew Knight (Great Britain)
Non Executive Director, News Corporation

Mr. Max Kohnstamm (International)
Senior Fellow, European Policy Centre, Brussels;
Former Secretary General, Action Committee for Europe;
Former President, European University Institute

Mr. Max Kothbauer (Austria)
Deputy Chairman, Creditanstalt-Bankverein

Mr. Henry R. Kravis (USA)
Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Mr. Kurt Lauk (Germany)
Member of the Board, Veba A.G.

Mr. Pierre Lellouche (France)
Foreign Affairs spokesman, Rassemblement pour la Republique

Mr. Andre Levy Lang (France)
Chairman of the Board of Management, Banque Paribas

Mr. Winston Lord (USA)
Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Ms. Margarida Marante (Portugal)
TV Journalist

Mr. Paul Martin (Canada)
Minister of Finance

Mr. Jack F. Matlock (USA)
Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.S.S.R.

Mr. Philippe Maystadt (Belgium)
Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade

Mr. Donald F. McHenry (USA)
Research Professor of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Georgetown University

Mr. Ad P.W. Melkert (Netherlands)
Minister for Social Affairs and Employment

Mr. John Monks (Great Britain)
General Secretary Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Mr. Thierry Montbrial (France)
de Director, French Institute of International Relations;
Professor of Economics, Ecole

Mr. Mario Monti (International)
Commissioner, European Communities
Note: "EU Tax Commissioner"; resigned EU - March 16, 1999

Mr. Sam Nunn (USA)
Senator (D-GA.)

Mr. Andrzej Olechowski (Poland)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bank Handlowy W. Warszawie S.A.;
Former minister for Foreign Affairs

Ms. Sylvia Ostry (Canada)
Chairman, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto

Mr. Theodoros G. Pangalos (Greece)
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. William J. Perry (USA)
Secretary of Defense

Mr. Jan Petersen (Norway)
Parliamentary Leader, Conservative Party

Mr. Norman Podhoretz (USA)
Editor, Commentary

Mr. David Pury (Switzerland)
Director of Companies;
Former Co-Chairman of the ABB Group and former Ambassador for Trade Agreements

Mr. Malcolm Rifkind (Great Britain)
Foreign Secretary

Mr. Simon Robertson (Great Britain)
Chairman, Kleinwort Benson Group plc

Mr. David Rockefeller (USA)
Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee

Mr. Edward S. Rogers (Canada)
President and CEO, Rogers Communications, Inc.

Mr. Eric Roll (Great Britain)
Senior Advisor, SBC Warburg

Mr. Renato Ruggiero (International)
Director General, World Trade Organization;
Former Minister of Trade

M. Mona Sahlin (Sweden)
Member of Parliament

Mr. Jurgen F. Schrempp (German)
Chairman of the Board of Management, Daimler-Benz AG

Mr. Klaus Schwab (International)
President, World Economic Forum

Mr. Toger Seidenfaden (Denmark)
Editor-in-Chief Politiken A/S

Mr. Jack Sheinkman (USA)
Chairman of the Board, Amalgamated Bank

Mr. Cornelio Sommaruga (Switzerland)
President, International Committee of the Red Cross

Mr. George Soros (USA)
President, Soros Fund Management

Mr. George Stephanopoulos (USA)
Senior Advisor to the President

Mr. Jurgen Strubo (Germany)
CEO, BASF Aktiengesellschaft

Mr. Gyorgy Suranyi (Hungary)
President, National Bank of Hungary

Mr. Peter D. Sutherland (Ireland)
Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs International;
Former Director General, GATT and WTO

Mr. Morris Tabaksnlat (Netherlands)
Chairman of the Board, Unilever N.V.

Mr. J. Martin Taylor (Great Britain)
Chief Executive, Barclays Bank plc

Mr. Alexander J. Trotman (USA)
Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Mr. Valter Veltroni (Italy)
Editor, L'Unita

Mr. Antonio Vitorino (Portugal)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence

Mr. Henning Voschherau (Germany)
Mayor of Hamburg

Mr. Franz Vranitzky (Austria)
Federal Chancellor

Mr. Karel Vuursteen (Netherlands)
Chairman of the Board, Heineken N.V.

Mr. Marcus Wallenberg (Sweden)
Executive Vice President, Investor AB

Mr. Stanley A. Weiss (USA)
Chairman, Business Executive for National Security, Inc.

Mr. John C. Whitehead (USA)
Former Deputy Secretary of State

Mr. L.R. Wilson (Canada)
Chairman, President and CEO, BCE Inc.

Mr. James D. Wolfensohn (International)
President, The World Bank;
Former President and CEO, James D. Wolfensohn, Inc.

Mr. Otto Wolff von Amerongen (Germany)
Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff GmbH

Mr. Paul Dean Wolfowitz (USA)
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies;
Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Mr. Juan A. Yanez-Barnuovo (Spain)
Permanent Representative of Spain to the UN

Mr. Casimir A. Yost (USA)
Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington D.C."