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by The Spotlight - 24th May 2000
from The Spotlight, May 19, 2000 - 10 a.m., Washington D.C.
The SPOTLIGHT can definitely confirm that the Year 2000 secret meeting of the
international Bilderberg organization will beheld June 1-4 at the Chateau du
Lac hotel, 9 miles south of the Brussels, Belgium airport.
This meeting has been planned under the strictest security in the 30-year
history of the Bilderbergers. Thanks to a team of patriotic nationalists in
the U.S., Belgium and other countries, the secret meeting was finally located
yesterday just minutes before the May 29 issue of The SPOTLIGHT was scheduled
to go to press. Page 1 of the paper had to be re-made for this news, which
will be delivered to subscribers this coming week and is already in
newsstands all over Washington.

The Bilderbergers are afraid that there will be demonstrations at the Chateau
du Lac similar to the ones at Geneva, Seattle and Washington D.C.. Every
year, the Bilderbergers meet at a different location in Europe or the U.S.,
always closely guarded by hundreds of officers and usually by the army of the
host country, making it impossible to gain entrance. All discussions are kept
secret. Bilderberg decisions concerning strategy to install a world
government (New World Order) are communicated to the American Congress and
the parliaments of other countries by the super-powerful plutocrats,
politicians, journalists, and propagandists who attend. For the past 25 years
of its existence, only The SPOTLIGHT has reported every year on this event.
No other American newspaper will touch the subject; in fact, most of them
deny that such an organization even exists.

The Chateau Du Lac Hotel Web Page:
The Chateau Du Lac Hotel
Avenue Du Lac 87
Phone: 02-6557111
Fax: 02-6557444
All are invited to join the welcoming committee that is going to be there!
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