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We all survive death: Not just Christians after Judgement Day
by Michael Roll - 13th May 2000
In order to find out just how badly we are all being deceived by our leaders
and teachers it is very important to look up Alfred Russel Wallace
(1923-1913) in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The 1960 publication, not the
later doctored versions.

This great British naturalist - the holder of the Order of Merit - originated
the theory of natural selection, the survival of the fittest and the origin
of species. Wallace and Darwin presented their joint paper at the Linnean
society on July 1st 1858. The sole reason why Wallace has been written out of
our history books is because he dared to tell the truth. He agreed with the
findings of Sir William Crookes FRS that no scientific paper can be complete
without taking into account the forces of nature that are normally out of
range of our five physical senses. Wallace, just the same as all the pioneers
of subatomic physics, has the emotive label of "Spiritualist"
tagged onto his name. This is in spite of the fact that he made it very clear
that his work had no connection with revealed religion.

At the end of last century the word spiritualist was used by scientists who
parted company from their colleagues who were adamant that death is the end
of everything. Gradually over the years the powerful establishment propaganda
machine has managed to destroy the word spiritualism. This has been so
successful that whenever the public are confronted with the word spiritualism
the word "nutter" springs up like a cash register. This is Nazi
type propaganda that Dr Goebbels himself would be very proud of. It is also
the same trick the Nazis used when rubbing out anybody who was a danger to
them. They did not go from house to house killing people. They rounded up all
the opposition and put them in one place to be destroyed. This is what those
with a great deal to lose from the truth have done to the scientists and
philosophers who said that the subject of survival of death is nothing to do
with religion, but everything to do with natural forces in the universe -

Alfred Russel Wallace, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle MD and many others have all been destroyed by the great lie that
they were "dabbling in the religion of Spiritualism". Nothing could
be further from the truth.

One outrageous lie after another is being floated in order to deceive the
public. For example, we are told that it was Marconi who invented radio when
in fact it was Sir Oliver Lodge. He sent a wireless signal one year before
Marconi. There is a plaque in the Museum Lecture Theatre at Oxford University
on the very spot where this happened. The CD-Rom Multimedia Encyclopaedia has
floated the lie that Sir Oliver Lodge proved that the ether does not exist
"a discovery fundamental to the theory of relativity". There was no
greater advocate of Christiaan Huygen's Theory of the Ether than Sir Oliver
Lodge. It was Einstein who is guilty of wiping out the ether, arguably the
greatest scientific tragedy of the 20th century. There can be no survival of
death without the ether. He robbed the world of the realm of
"spirit" - the part of the universe made up of much finer material
than our physical matter.

It is obvious that we should have been following the great Greek scientists
and philosophers who taught survival after death, then nobody would have been
killed in any crazy religious squabbles. Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato were
all adamant that there is a huge universe that we cannot normally see and
sense. The English scientist Ronald Pearson has discovered this invisible
universe that we all graduate to after our short stay on planet earth. He has
completely vindicated the work of Wallace, Crookes, Lodge etc. No wonder the
religionists and materialists have joined forces in a last ditch desperate
attempt to make sure Ronald Pearson's discoveries in subatomic physics never
come to the attention of millions of people.

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