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Thomas Paine is still wanted Dead or Alive in England
by Michael Roll - 13th May 2000
To celebrate National Thomas Paine Day on 8th June 1995, I have reproduced
the following article, written by Philosophical Freedom campaigner Michael
Thomas Paine was wanted dead or alive in England for daring to fight against
slavery and campaign for all men and women to have the vote. He even
submitted a detailed plan for a welfare state. Those caught reading Paine's
books were heavily fined or transported to Australia.

His pamphlet "Common Sense" was the spark that caused the American
and French revolutions. However, this enemy of tyranny has been written out
of our history books because 200 years ago in 1794 he published his banned
masterpiece, "The Age of Reason". This challenged the beliefs,
power and wealth of the Christian Church. Telling the truth was his downfall.

"The Princess Royal, President of Save the Children, delivered an
Observer lecture on the rights of the child on 5th June 1991 as part of the
international series to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the
publication of "The Rights of Man" by Thomas Paine."

This was announced on the front page of The Observer on 9th December 1990.
The Establishment forces that are ranged against the ordinary people are in a
flat panic. Slowly, but surely, people are beginning to find out about the
suppressed books of this great English philosopher who has been written out
of our biased history books for committing the "crime" of daring to
tell the truth about the Christian religion.

Suppressive Control
Great Britain is not a free country, it is a religious tyranny. The priests
and their powerful allies decide exactly what we are allowed to read in the
press, see on television and hear on the radio, but most of all, what our
children are taught at school. The Religious Affairs Departments control
everything, and the priests have the full weight of the law on their side.
The 1944 Education Act; the law of blasphemous libel, and the Broadcasting

The Rights of Man?
During the celebrations for the bicentenary of the French Revolution we were
treated to the spectacle of the British Prime Minister lecturing to the
French on their television about their Revolution. Mrs Thatcher even had the
audacity to say that we in England know all about the "Rights of
Man" because we follow Judaeo-Christian tradition!

This quote from Arthur Findlay's banned history of mankind "The Curse of
Ignorance" makes it very clear why the French rose up and freed
themselves from the curse of priestcraft:- "In 1766 Chevalier Da La
Varre failed to doff his hat in respect while a religious procession passed
through the streets of Abbeville (it was raining). He was charged and
convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to 'The Torture Ordinary and
Extraordinary', his hands to be cut off, his tongue torn out with pincers,
and burned alive."

Christian Propaganda!
British Christian propaganda tells us that the French Revolution was all
about getting rid of the monarchy and some nasty aristocrats. Only a handful
of academics know the truth and they have kept their mouths shut. The fact is
the British Establishment collapses in a big heap if the masses should ever
read the suppressed work of Thomas Paine, one of the most deadly enemies of
tyranny the world has ever witnessed.

The Age of Reason
When Thomas Paine blew the whistle on priestcraft in his masterpiece
"The Age of Reason" in France in 1793 he was already wanted dead or
alive in England. The French thought so highly of this Englishman that they
made him a member of their Parliament, and even presented him with the key to
the Bastille.

The Power of the Church
The powerful Christians who still control the means of mass communication in
Great Britain are so frightened of Thomas Paine that his name was hardly
mentioned during the bicentennial coverage on British television, even though
Paine was the author of "The Rights of Man", the reason for the
French Revolution. On one television programme called "Crisis",
another work of Paine, they managed to go through the whole programme without
once mentioning his name!

Distorting Facts on the News
A news item showed the then, President Bush of the United States (he was
inaugurated by Billy Graham!) lending President Mitterand of France the key
to the Bastille. Again, we were not told that it was Thomas Paine who gave
the key to President Washington.

It is no longer quite so easy to kill those who dare to challenge
priestcraft, but the modern method of burning heretics at the stake is to
make sure free thinkers never speak in our schools, write in the press or
broadcast. The only way to defend a supernatural faith is to make sure that
all uncomfortable scientific facts, and the alternative philosophies are
blocked from reaching the general public, especially if they are better than
the one that the Christians are stuck with - "resting in peace"
waiting for a saviour-god to return to earth and judge us. This is the reason
why the Christians burnt the scientist Giordano Bruno at the stake in 1600
and very nearly killed Galileo.

Corruption in high places
Readers will have also noticed that nobody gets the top jobs unless they
pretend to believe in Christianity. i.e. Use the Judaic-Christian ladder to
get there. The definition of a Christian is a person who believes that 2000
years ago something called a holy ghost impregnated a virgin who then gave
birth to the creator of the universe! Excluding the wilfully ignorant, I have
never met anybody in my life who actually believes this supernatural
nonsense. Therefore, all the key positions in this country are held by
frauds, those who are pretending to be Christians in order to further their
careers. A good example of how this tyranny works is the First Article of
War. This makes it very clear that any naval officer would be very unwise, as
far as career prospects are concerned, not to play the Establishment game and
pretend in priestcraft.

BBC Censorship
The moguls at the BBC continually refuse too requests to repeat the
outstanding documentary on the life of Thomas Paine, "The Most Valuable
Englishman Ever", that crept past the religious censors on BBC2 in
January 1982. We must all keep trying to get this repeated at peak viewing
time on BBC1 to coincide with Thomas Paine day on June 7th 1995.

Free Country?
The next time somebody tells us that we are living in a free country, we will
be able to tell them to pull the other leg because it has got bells on.
Please feel free to photocopy this article and pass on to your contacts. The
pseudo-Christians who control the press and publishing would never allow any
editor to publish something that is so close to the truth. Please strike
against priestcraft, the terrible cancer that has us all by the throat.

Those interested in finding out more about Thomas Paine can order "The Age of Reason" from all good bookshops; It is published by the Carol Publishing Group (Citadel Press) and it's ISBN number is 0-8065-0549-4. If you would like a copy and cannot locate it, please write to the editorial address enclosing a cheque/PO for £12.00 (inc. P&P), allowing 28 days for delivery and I will try to locate a copy for you. I was also surprised to see that the premier UK issue of "Wired" magazine published a long article and biography of Thomas Paine.