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Tales of a government sex slave...
by David Icke, 13th May 2000
Keywords: MKUltra, Cathy O'Brien, Dunblane, MPD, DID

This article is taken from the David Icke Newsletter (issue 4) and is excerpts from the book "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips.

Cathy O'Brien spent nearly 30 years as a mind-controlled sex slave of the United States Government. She is the only one so far to both have survived with her life and been deprogrammed successfully enough for her to remember all that happened. I tell her story at some length in my new book, I Am Me, I Am Free, and you can also read her own book, Trance Formation of America, written with Mark Phillips.

I have rarely met a more balanced and loving person than Cathy O'Brien and that is astonishing when you consider what she has had to endure at the hands of some of the world's most famous people.

Cathleen Ann O'Brien was born in 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan. Her father Earl O'Brien, is a paedophile who used her and her brothers in the pornographic movies he produced for the Michigan Mafia. Among this mafia was the pornographer called Gerald Ford, better known later as the Vice President and then President of the United States. Ford would twice rape Cathy, first when she was a child and then as a young woman when he was President and she was a mind-controlled slave of the US Government.

Cathy's father was later set up by Ford. A pornographic movie which Earl O'Brien sent through the post was intercepted and Ford arrived at their house to give him an ultimatum: hand over your daughter to the mind-control operation known as Project Monarch, or face prosecution. Earl O'Brien was delighted with the deal because giving Cathy to the government also allowed him freedom from any further prosecution.

Project Monarch was an offshoot of the CIA's notorious, MKUltra, which I have detailed in my last two books. They chose Cathy because they knew that children who come from families with a history of intergenerational child sexual abuse, are more open to the system of programming they had in mind for her.

The method is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or, more accurately, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). It breaks up the mind into isolated compartments which are unaware of each other. These are created by constant trauma from a very early age - sexual abuse, violence, torture, overwork, food and water deprivation and a stream of others. The mind then shuts out these horrors from its conscious level by compartmentalising the memory of it. This is why people involved in terrible road accidents can never remember the actual impact or its immediate aftermath. The mind shuts is away.

In the trauma-based mind-control of Project Monarch, these compartments are used to programme different "personalities" which can be used by the Elite of the New World Order. A trigger word, sentence, sound or action, opens these different compartments in turn as they become the person's "personality" until another one is activated. Each compartment has no idea that the others exist and so these mind-slaves have no memory of what they do in their various modes.

Some of these mind-controlled zombies are used to assassinate people which is why you hear so often that the assassin was a "lone nutter" - therefore no conspiracy. I am convinced from the evidence I have seen that Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer, was one of these, as was martin Mryant who went crazy with a gun in Tasmania shortly after the Dunblane tragedy. Why would the Elite do this? For many reasons. Among them to increase the number of cameras and security staff in schools to ensure that children are brought up in the culture of being protected from danger by big brother state; to create enormous fear, hence control; to traumatize the collective mind because a traumatized mind is much more open to suggestion; to disarm the population through gun laws, so making the final takeover much easier. No-one wants to see the end of weapons more than me, but we surely need to ask about the motivation of those who wish to manipulate gun laws into place in this horrific manner. Before Adolf Hitler began herding people into concentration camps, he introduced gun laws to disarm them.

Mind-controlled slaves of world governments are used to pass messages outside of the official channels. One of the by-products of Dissociative Identity Disorder is a photographic memory and so they can recall their programmed messages much like an audio tape. They are also used to carry drugs for world leaders like George Bush and Bill Clinton who are heavily involved in the trafficking of drugs.

Cathy O'Brien was used as a sex slave to pander to the bizarre sexual desires of big name politicians and to compromise other world leaders. They can then be blackmailed to go along with the demands of the Global Elite for fear of exposure. Among those who raped and sexually abused either Cathy and/or her daughter Kelly are US Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford; Dick Cheney, the US Defense Secretary in the Bush administration; the Canadian Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney; King Fahd os Saudi Arabia; and the President of Mexico, Miguel De La Madrid. This is without naming the long list of other United States politicians and famous entertainers which I highlight in I Am Me, I Am Free, and Cathy and Mark detail in Trance-Formation of America.

Cathy was so powerfully mind-controlled that she "progressed" to become a "Presidential Model" - a government mind-slave who operates in the White House and Pentagon. They are killed at the age of 30 because after that time their minds begin to break down the compartments and they have flashbacks of memory. In her 30th year, Cathy was rescued by Mark Phillips, a man experienced in mind-control techniques. He acted after he was told by an old friend, an intelligence insider, that Cathy and her then eight-year-old daughter, Kelly, we mind-controlled slaves of the US Government. How he rescued them and deprogrammed Cathy is told in their book.

Thank to Mark Phillips, the compartments in Cathy's mind collapsed and she was able to remember in photographic detail what had happened to her and who did it. She was also able to recall conversations she heard between leaders like Bush and Clinton which confirm all the themes of the conspiracy that I include in ...and the truth shall set you free and The Robots' Rebellion.

Mark and Cathy now speak at public meetings and conferences all over the United States telling their story and naming the names. They have sent all their information to scores of US politicians, committees and organisations, including the people they name. Their book has been self published in the States since 1995 and they have had not one threat of legal action - only threats to their lives, some of which they now have on tape.

Kelly, now 16, is held as a political prisoner of the US Government at a centre in Knoxville, Tennessee. They hold her there against her will and refuse to deprogramme her because of what - and who - she will remember.

I have become great friends with Cathy and Mark and I hope to bring them to the United Kingdom to speak as soon as possible. I urge you to read their book. Then you will see in stark detail the mentality that we allow to run the world.
David Icke

Photo of Kelly

Kelly, now 16, remains after 8 years a political prisoner in the custody of the State of Tennessee where she is institutionalised and denied rehabilitation for "reasons of national security" due to the political affluence of her CIA MKUltra abusers.
Kelly needs to know that she is not forgotten and that help and understanding are on the way!
Feel free to send cards, notes and gifts of encouragement to:Kelly, c/o PO Box 158352, Nashville, Tennessee 37215, USA

You could also ask the State of Tennessee "What does National Security have to do with the rape and molestation of a child's mind and body?" by writing to:Governor Don Sundquist, Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0001, USA