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Foot & Mouth Disease - Coverup or Natural Crisis?
by TrueFacts editor - 26th Mar 2001
The more we investigate this major epidemic, the more suspicious we become.
As I write this at the end of March, the UKs Foot and Mouth epidemic shows no
signs of coming to an end. Indeed, as each day goes on, the more the
Government appear to be demonstrating that they are losing control.

With each new day, new questions are starting to be asked. Why are farmers
not being allowed to vaccinate against infection? Why are vets refused access
to farms? Why is this a different, new, strain of F&M? Why is the
government desperately trying to destroy evidence and clues? Is there a link
with Government biological experiments? Why did the Government know about
this outbreak back in December 1999, but keep quiet? Why were officials from
MAFF phoning timber merchants, enquiring about burning timber, as far back as
November 1999? Why are homeopathic remedies being suppressed? Why is the
Government desperate not to postpone the General Election?

These are just some of the questions that the government would rather are not
asked - and yet we are in need of answers. We must support our local farmers
and help to spread public awareness, especially if there is a bigger agenda
being adhered to....

It has been a Bilderberg agenda since
the early 1990's that national governments want to eliminate small,
individual farmers in order for multinational, corporate farming
organisations to control the food chain - ultimately leading to control of
the public.

Indeed, back in 1995 David Icke wrote in his book "...And the truth
shall set you free"[1];

Another aim of the Elite is to control the land and production of food at every level of the process. The natural crop seed varieties are being systematically destroyed and replaced by genetically-engineered seeds, which a handful of Elite-controlled multinational companies are patenting. Under Plant Breeder's Rights legislation, anyone using these seeds must pay a royalty to these companies or face a six-month jail sentence or fines of up to $250,000. This applies to anyone from a Western farmer to a poverty-stricken peasant in Bangladesh. The same 'patents' are being applied to all plants, animals, fungi, genes, and viruses, that have been genetically tampered with. The Uruguay Round of the GATT agreement has increased the hold that companies like Britain's ICI (supported by BP) and the U.S. giants have over global seed varieties. This is giving them control over what we eat and even if we eat. This was the GATT agreement that the politicians, the media, and even the big-name news presenters were telling us was so vital to our economic well-being! The 'Green Revolution' of the 1960s and 70s which was sold as a means to feed the poor countries of the world was, in truth, a means to steal the natural plant varieties used there and replace them with hybrids dependent on chemical inputs which the same companies monopolise. Control and dependency was the plan. The Rockefeller Foundation collected the seeds from 95% of the world's major cereal crops in the years leading up to the GATT Agreement and the Plant Breeder's Rights Bills. The multinationals are phasing out the varieties they do not have rights to and making the world dependent on those that they do. UN statistics estimate that 75% of genetic diversity in agricultural crops has been lost in this century and what is left is now in great danger. More than 1,500 varieties of vegetable seeds were withdrawn from use in England in the first few years after a national list of 'approved' species was established. The costs of registering seed varieties is so high that only the multinationals can do it and yet genetically-engineered varieties forced upon Third World countries are often useless in those environments. This adds to the hunger and debt. In India, a million farmers took to the streets when a U.S. patent was awarded for the active genes of the neem tree, which has been used for centuries as a herbal remedy. No-one should own the patent to any seed or animal and especially not the mindset that controls the multinationals. The farming policies of the European Community and those demanded by GATT have been designed to destroy the small and medium-sized farmer and allow the land and the market to be taken over almost entirely by the multinational corporations across the world. Over-production in agriculture, the butter 'mountains' and the wine 'lakes', has not been caused by stupidity. It has been calculated to destroy smaller farms. What is happening to the smaller farmers in the industrialized countries is only a continuation and expansion of the policies used to steal the land of the Third World farmers. Ninety per cent of the food trade on this planet is in the hands of five multinationals. Half of our supplies are controlled by two of them, the Anglo-Dutch giant, Unilever (controlled by Bilderberg group clones), and the Nestlé corporation in the Elite stronghold of Switzerland. Once again we see that 'free trade' is really cartelism, the means through which the vast destroy the small and get paid for doing so with public money. As John D.Rockefeller Jr once said, " Competition is a sin"[2] In the European Union it is estimated that the multinationals receive between 10 and 12 billion[3] German marks every year, merely for transporting goods and raw materials across national borders to repackage them and give the goods a 'national image'. The biggest beneficiary is Unilever, which has close family ties to the Sainsbury Supermarket Empire. Unilever increased profits in one year by 25.6%, at the same time that farming incomes in Denmark dropped by 35.3% and in Germany by 27.5%. Such are the profits to be made for the corporations that even car companies like Volkswagon and Daimler Benz entered the cattle-breeding market, a business which has led to the destruction of enormous swathes of rainforest. This all fits into the global plan for dependency and control of every aspect of our lives. They want us to literally be robots, programmed to do as we are told, and the banking/business system is the backbone of this strategy. As with the wars and conflicts, I hope you can see that there is no need for all the poverty and economic suffering that we can hardly bear to witness on our television screens. This doesn't have to happen. We allow it to happen. There is enough for everyone - enough food, enough warmth, enough for all we need for a good life - yes, even with the number of people currently occupying Planet Earth. The suffering and poverty are there by design to control us, to divide and rule, and to create the fear within us that if we don't conform and play the game by the rules of the Elite, we will end up in dire straits, also. Everyone for themselves. Winner takes all. It is a battle called survival, a battle to the death. The collective human mind has taken on those thought patterns and created this reality. But remember, remember, remember. It doesn't have to be like this. This doesn't have to be the future. We are creating the future with every thought and act. If what we think and do changes, so will the future. If you summon your courage and get off your knees, we can leave our children a world that is truly, truly, free. There is nothing and no-one who can stop us, if enough people demand an end to this manipulation and are prepared to work unceasingly to that goal. No, not even the Global Elite.
Food for thought. Indeed I first thought that the government were trying to eliminate small farmers with the misinformation and coverups surrounding the BSE crisis - which still continues. The recent outbreak of F&M only serves as yet another nail in the coffins of small, individual farmers. Cumbrian Sheep??? Photo of Biological warfare agent accident! No - but it's strikingly similar.... Photo taken from London Conference on CBW, 1968 - Caption: During the recent tests of a new nozzle for the dissemination of nerve gas 6000 sheep were accidentally destroyed on lands adjacent to the Dugway proving ground. This communal grave holds 1200 pregnant ewes. Could this have a link to the 1967 outbreak? Another, very worrying piece of evidence that has come my way is that the variant of F&M currently spreading through the UK is a new strain, never seen before 'in the wild'. The virus is Pan Asian Type 'O' and is alleged to have been created in a laboratory, believed to be Porton Down in Wiltshire. Although this is an even more controversial point, there are undeniable links between Porton Down and the farm at Hebdon on the Wall, Northumberland where the current outbreak was first reported - both sites have a link with Animal Rights and/or ALF activists. Is this why the government is desperate to destroy all evidence by incinerating animals, rather than let vets treat them?? We also know that MAFF officials approached T.G.Norman, Longtown, Carlisle to buy 'burn timber', back in November 1999. Another MAFF official had been contacting timber suppliers in Staffordshire, informing them she was working from the 1967 F&M list, in December 1999. Why did the EU start checking the F&M vaccine stock levels at the beginning of February 2001 (before any official announcement)? and why did the EU allocate 430,000 Euro to F&M vaccine on February 18th 2001 - just one day before the 'official' announcement of the outbreak, on 19th February. Was it because the government could no longer 'keep the lid on it'? It is also believed that F&M can be treated with homeopathic Borax. Indeed, one Cumbrian farmer has already dosed his animals with homeopathic Borax and, despite being downwind and close-by another farm with confirmed F&M, the said farmer has NO F&M amongst his flocks. In which case, why did MAFF issue a directive to vets that they would have their licences withdrawn if they advocated or encouraged the use of homeopathic Borax?? Knowing full well that an Election campaign would exacerbate the risks of the spread of the disease, why are the government running scared of postponing the Election? Could it be that they fear further revelations becoming public knowledge? Either way, it is totally irresponsible of the government to risk spread or re-infection due to an election and the movements created by an election within 3 months of the last case of F&M. I would urge all readers to do their own research and carry out their own investigations in order to get to the real truth at the bottom of this crisis. For more facts and first-hand testimony from farmers, please visit the following web sites:- Notes: [1]"...and the truth shall set you free" pub. by Bridge of Love, ISBN 0 9526147 0 7[2] Gary Allen, The Rockefeller File, p.19 [2] Taking into account this was published in 1995.