AntUtils [147K]
Downloaded:61 times
Version:1.56 (6th Dec 2003)
Requirements:ABCLib v4.14
RISC OS 3.50 or above
228K wimpslot


  • Timed fetching of mail and/or news whilst online (avoids having to set up task alarms using !Alarm).
  • Timed random cookies/quotes automatically appended to your signature.
  • Support for LAN access, automatic status and quitting options.
  • Support for multi-user hotlists and call logging files.
  • Cron table support for automatic timed events to take place - ideal for networks or unattended machines.
  • Automatic debatching of Pluto mail.
  • Fixes the DLL problems with the Ant Suite.
  • Fresco file management
  • Save files into a preset directory (useful if a save dialogue box opens before you've had a chance to open a filer window).
  • Toggle Cookies & Javascript on/off with Fresco v2.02 and above.
  • Toggle RiscCafe and/or Flash plugins on/off.
  • Vary the level of MSIE/Windows faking Fresco sends to servers.
  • Auto launch up to 20 Internet Search Engines.
  • Ability to cancel the InetSuite Transfer All+Hang up feature and stay online.
  • Comprehensive StrongHelp manual.
  • SoundFX to accompany various events.

If you are looking for FresUtils, it now has it's own page.

How to Install

You should always use my PVupdate application before installing new versions of AntUtils. This will ensure that any internal structure changes are updated without corrupting your existing choices.

Whenever you download a new version you should always ensure that you also download an updated !Advanced plugin.


At present there are twelve bonus plugins;

All plugins are safe to just drop over your existing copy of !AntUtils in order to update.

Advanced - Advanced Configuration Editor

Registered Users Only. This plugin provides a '!Browse' style configuration to allow users to customise all of the lesser used facilities of AntUtils.
Download: [44K]
Version: 1.56
Downloaded 11 times

BulkList - For sending Pluto mailing list emails to multiple recipients

Registered Users Only. This plugin works in a similar way to BulkMail (below) but is specially designed for splitting up messages already in the outgoing queue - such as those generated by Pluto when forwarding messages to mailing lists. It can work either in manual mode or in a fully automated mode.
Download: [21K]
Version: 1.05
Downloaded 6 times

BulkMail - For sending emails to multiple recipients

Registered Users Only. Some ISPs won't allow you to send emails to more than about 200 recipients in one go. This plugin allows you to prepare a list of email addresses as a plain text file and email a message to all recipients, by automatically creating multiple emails, each addressed to a smaller subset of the whole list. The number of addresses to send in one go can be specified and BulkMail will automatically create the calculated number of emails for you. All you need to supply are two plain text files - the list of recipients and the pre-written email to send.
Download: [16K]
Version: 1.06
Downloaded 4 times

ChangeISP - Multiple ISP Manager

Registered Users Only. Judging by feedback, this is the most popular plugin and allows users to use up to 25 different ISPs with a single copy of the AntSuite. You can change between them simply by selecting one from a RISC OS menu.
An additional bonus of this plugin is that AntUtils can automatically control two different ISPs at different times of day - for Surftime users. Fully configurable from the Advanced plugin, you can set warnings or alarms when Surftime starts/ends, with AntUtils optionally disconnecting automatically before you run into the next time period.
With ChangeISP you can easily add, delete or edit ISPs and it can even synchronise news fetches between different ISPs if you want.
Download: [30K]
Version: 1.08
Downloaded 8 times

CheckAnt - AntSuite Integrity Tester

Registered Users Only. This plugin provides a quick way to scan all the components of your Ant Suite installation and provide feedback or warning if any are corrupted, out of date or missing.
Please note that the output from CheckAnt can be subject to minor differences being detected, as each users setup is likely to be slightly different, especially as the Ant Suite embeds your serial number within various components. If in any doubt, please contact me with queries.
Download: [22K]
Version: 1.02
Downloaded 6 times

Filter - Mailing list filter

Included with AntUtils This plugin will run automatically every pre-determined time interval and will automatically filter all messages in the outgoing message queue, stripping 'Path:' header lines and optionally attachments. This is designed for people who run mailing lists (via Pluto) and wish to ensure that the outgoing messages forwarded to list subscribers don't contain superfluous header lines and also don't contain HTML attachments (or other types of attachment).
Download: [23K]
Version: 1.06
Downloaded 4 times

History - Fresco History file Editor

Registered Users Only. This plugin provides a quick and easy way to view all the files within Fresco's history file. It also provides a 'tidy' function that will automatically delete broken entries, URLs which lead to 'not found' web pages and duplicate entries.
Download: [17K]
Version: 1.06
Downloaded 4 times

Index - Thumbnail index generator

Free with all copies of AntUtils, this plugin will allow you to generate an HTML page containing and index of thumbnails for all the images in a specified directory. You can set the size, no. of columns and even background image. Output is standard HTML which can be re-edited if required. To see Index in use you can see an example here.
Download: [15K]
Version: 1.03
Downloaded 6 times

ISPMaker - Ant Provider File maker

Free with all copies of AntUtils, this plugin will not only allow you to create Ant provider files from scratch, but will also convert Windows INS file into Ant provider files. Simply drag the .INS file to the ISPMaker window and save out the new provider file. This is useful for people who have been given a 'Windows only' CD from their ISP and wish to read the ISP information and use with the Ant Suite.
Beta version not quite finished, but released to allow people to convert Windows files.
Download: [25K]
Version: 0.04
Downloaded 4 times

MBRepair - Repair corrupted Marcel mailboxes

Free with all copies of AntUtils, this plugin will attempt to repair broken Marcel mailboxes. If Marcel suddenly loses a batch of messages, or gives a 'corrupt' mailbox error message, this plugin may help recover the mailbox without manually editing it - which can be daunting for new or novice users. Locate your local UserDir directory and open the 'Mail' directory. Inside you should find a file called 'INBOX'. This is the Marcel file which contains all messages delivered to your local user. Drag this file into the MBRepair window and follow the instructions in order to attempt repair.
Download: [13K]
Version: 1.02
Downloaded 14 times

NewsDate - Fix news backdating Y2K problem in InetSuite

Free with all copies of AntUtils, this plugin will fix a minor Y2K problem within the Ant Configuration tool. If you load InetSuite configure and click on News Setup, then try to change the 'Transfer since' date, you will find that the Ant Suite invariably sets the year to something like 06. This plugin acts as a stand-alone 'Transfer since' configuration tool and as such is designed to work with OR WITHOUT AntUtils, allowing any Ant Suite users take advantage of it.
Download: [14K]
Version: 1.07
Downloaded 6 times

Paranoia - Outgoing Message Filter

Registered Users Only. This plugin is designed for paranoid people (like me!) who want to filter specific messages before they are posted. Paranoia will let you strip destination email addresses (useful if you want to CC to multiple people but require more anonominity than simply using BCC), strip Message-IDs, strip Ref & In-Reply-To headers, alter the sent date and force a reply to different email addresses.
Download: [21K]
Version: 1.02
Downloaded 4 times

URLStore - URL store manager

Free with all copies of AntUtils, this plugin will act as a stand alone URLStore manager. One feature of AntUtils is the ability to intercept URL launches whilst you are offline. So for example, if you're reading an email offline and click on a URL link, instead of trying to fetch the page, AntUtils will intercept and offer you the chance to store the link for viewing later when you next go online. URLs stored in this way are stored within AntUtils as ordinary HTML files in a kind of mini Hotlist file. However, this plugin will let you view and edit them without the need to load a web browser.
Download: [15K]
Version: 1.09
Downloaded 4 times


AntSetup (10K) - Amend !InetSuite so that it loads AntUtils automatically.


AntUtils has the ability to detect various events, such as going online, fetching mail/news, disconnecting, launching a URL etc etc and playing a sound effect to accompany the event. This can be useful if you temporarily leave your machine unattended and with to hear if the line has dropped or new mail has arrived etc.

The following SoundFX packs are available, which each contain sound samples for 20 different events. Using the Advanced plugin, you can manage your own sound themes, so please contact me if you create any good ones, and I'll add them here.

N.B. If you wish to use additional sound theme packs, make sure you have the 'Default' pack first.

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