FresUtils [34K]
Downloaded:22 times
Version:1.05 (4th Nov 2002)
Requirements:ABCLib v4.14
RISC OS 3.50 or above
228K wimpslot


A cut-down version of AntUtils, containing just the Fresco utilities, for use with the AntSuite or with Voyager.

What it does

  • Fixes potential RMA problems with Fresco
  • Fresco file management
  • Save files into a preset directory (useful if a save dialogue box opens before you've had a chance to open a filer window).
  • Toggle Cookies & Javascript on/off with Fresco v2.02 and above.
  • Toggle RiscCafe and/or Flash plugins on/off.
  • Vary the level of MSIE/Windows faking Fresco sends to servers.
  • Auto launch up to 20 Internet Search Engines.
  • Comprehensive StrongHelp manual.

If you are looking for AntUtils, it now has it's own page.

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